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Solo Self Protection: Equip yourself with vital self-defense knowledge and skills for everyday scenarios.


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Midweek Review to Recharge Your Goals
It's Thursday, time for a midweek review! This is a great opportunity to look back at what you’ve accomplished and plan how to tackle the rest of the week effectively. Adjusting your strategy now can save you time and stress later. Reflect on what’s working and what isn’t, and don’t hesitate to shift your focus if necessary. How do you manage your midweek check-ins? Do you use any specific tools or methods? Let's us know where you are at for this week in the comments!
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Midweek Review to Recharge Your Goals
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Check in with an accountability group.
It's Friday: Celebrate your wins!
End your week on a high note by reflecting on your successes. Celebrating wins, big or small, can significantly boost your morale and motivation. Did you finish a project, make progress on a long-term goal, or simply manage to keep up with your daily tasks? Whatever your victory, sharing it can inspire others and provide you with a sense of accomplishment and closure. Let’s hear about your wins this week! Comment below, and let’s give each other a virtual round of applause!
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It's Friday: Celebrate your wins!
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That is amazing! They are going to have to name Marianne Sabugo Crayon Day for your 2527 crayon accomplishment. 🖍️
Monday Motivation: Overcome Procrastination with the 2-Minute Rule!
Happy Monday, Achievers! 🌞 Let’s kickstart the week by tackling the tasks we’ve been putting off, with a simple yet powerful technique: the 2-Minute Rule. Ever have those tasks that linger on your to-do list, always getting bypassed for something more urgent or less daunting? We’ve all been there. But what if I told you that you only need to commit two minutes to get started? Yes, just two minutes! Here’s the deal: Choose a task you’ve been avoiding, set a timer for two minutes, and just start. The idea isn’t to complete it all at once, but to break the inertia of procrastination. Often, the hardest part is just getting going, and you’ll find that once the timer goes off, you’re already in the flow and ready to keep pushing forward. I’ve tried this myself and was amazed at how a single small step could change my perspective and reduce the overwhelming feeling associated with big tasks. It’s like tricking your brain into getting things done! 📊: What task will you apply the 2-Minute Rule to this week?
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Monday Motivation: Overcome Procrastination with the 2-Minute Rule!
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Dropping a module in my Skool.
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@Marianne Suarez Sabugo Yes. It got me started.
Mastering On-the-Spot Prioritization
What do you do when your day doesn’t go as planned and unexpected tasks pop up? I used to feel upset and bothered until I discovered the power of on-the-spot prioritization. By quickly assessing each task's urgency and impact, I manage my day proactively, keeping chaos at bay. It’s a skill that has saved me from many stressful situations. When something new arise, I quickly decide if it's a 🔴 Red task - Need to be dealt with right now, 🟡 Yellow task - Need to happen asap but is not worth delaying what I am doing right now, 🟢 Green task - Can go on the do list for later ⚫ Black task - Can be let go or delegated What is your biggest challenge with unexpected tasks?
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Mastering On-the-Spot Prioritization
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Life is always in a state of flux! More red when it comes to business. 🤣
Journal Prompts That Enhance Productivity
Journaling is more than just a way to record daily events. It's a strategic tool for clarifying thoughts and setting intentions. Here are three prompts that help me maintain focus and drive: - What must I accomplish today that will help me feel successful? - Which distractions do I need to manage proactively today? - What am I grateful for right now, and why? These prompts guide me in prioritizing effectively and cultivating gratitude, which boosts my mental and emotional energy. I try to answer them when I have an especially busy or challenging day ahead of me. I include a little more journaling in my morning routine and/or the day prior during my bedtime routine on these days. It doesn't always happen but when I take the time, it makes a huge difference! Poll: How often do you use journaling to boost your productivity?
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Journal Prompts That Enhance Productivity
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Once in a great while. And I usually start it with. And it came to pass...denoting it has been several years that have gone by.
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@Marianne Suarez Sabugo If your asking me if I would like to start journaling again, probably not. I just look at it as one more thing to do. Probably not the best attitude. However, with the new technology. Voice to speech would be better than nothing. P.S. I do more journal entries inside of skool. It would be nice to be able to collect those entries as those are 80% of what my time is consumed by.
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