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I think it would be better if you could customize the amount of time the reminder happens before the calendar event. I think 24 hour gap is too big, they forget. Also, SMS notifications would make Skool way more powerful. For example, sending them a SMS notification 10 minutes before the event starts. (If they chose to receive SMS reminders)



Roman Pearl
Lendon Bracewell
Benjamin Nabers
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
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    Is there a way for clients to get SMS reminders for notifications on calendars?

Quick q: Can I take a 1 min video straight from my phone and upload it to my skool platform where the video just pop's up OR do I need to upload to Y.T or loom 1st?



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Benjamin Nabers
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    Great! W/ the attachment - do people have to download it to watch?

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    Sounds great - thanks for the quick response @Sid Sahasrabuddhe. I'm setting up my skool right now and it's unbelievably easy to use. You guys have done an incredible job.

Create a post teaching users of your group how to add a web shortcut to their homepage. Broadcast it to your whole group. Example: https://www.skool.com/synthesizers/replace-tiktok-with-synthesizer-skool Feel free to copy and paste my instructions: "IPHONE. Option 1: 1. Open Safari 2. Go to https://www.skool.com/YOURLINK 3. Tap Share (the square with an arrow pointing out of it) 4. Tap Add to Home Screen (If you don't see it, tap Edit Actions) Option 2: 1. Open Shortcuts 2. Tap + 3. Tap + Add Action and search Safari/Chrome 4. Select Open URLs in Safari/Chrome 5. Tap URL and insert https://www.skool.com/YOURLINK 6. Tap the three-dotted icons to name the shortcut & add an icon (attached) ANDROID: 1. Open Chrome 2. Go to https://www.skool.com/YOURLINK 3. Tap the three dots in corner 4. Tap Add to Homescreen"



Steve McDade
Benjamin Nabers
Lee Jia Suen
Andrew Kirby
David Jones
New comment Aug 19
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    That's awesome - I'll be showing this to my clients when I get skool setup next month :)

Here's how I've customized my Skool group. It's still a work in progress, but maybe you can get some ideas by seeing what I'm doing with mine... I'd love to hear/see how you've customized yours well! Comment below with a tour of your group or post any suggestions for me & others :)



Sebastian Kopp
Gordon Goddard
Italo Campilii
Michael Brynkus
Ted Carr
New comment Aug 5

Want to post all of my Q&A calls on skool (2 years worth + a lot more coming) and it seems like with wistia the costs will go through the roof lol. With vimeo, the max they offer is 7TB total space. With youtube, the obvious con are the recommended videos which become a distraction. What's the best place you would recommend to host the q&a call videos? @Sam Ovens



Sam Ovens
Zahida A Khan
Corné Lategan
Jamie Stenhouse
Shanaka Jayakody
New comment Mar 13
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    @ross johnson great idea! Does Zoom cloud give you a link after each call?

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    Awesome, thanks so much ✔️

If I have recurring calls setup on Tuesday's and Thursday's throughout the year but have set weeks that are determined like Thanksgiving Week and Christmas week OFF with coaching calls...is there a way to manually delete events on the calendar to reflect the "off weeks?"



Nick Guadagnoli
Benjamin Nabers
New comment Nov '21

As the admin, will I receive an email notification every time a client posts to the community? Is there a way to get a summary every couple of hours/1x per day.



Nick Guadagnoli
Benjamin Nabers
New comment Nov '21

Is there a way to put my recorded zoom calls as a tab or would that need to be it's own product?



Nick Guadagnoli
Benjamin Nabers
James Svetec
New comment Jul '21
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    awesome, thank you! And I can upload unlimited videos there correct?

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