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Search feature for GPT 4
I haven’t noticed this before but I’m happy I noticed it. It has been an issue finding information inside hundreds of message threads. Has anyone else noticed this previously?
New comment Mar 15
Search feature for GPT 4
1 like • Mar 13
I've wanted something like this for a long time. For some reason it doesn't show for me and I'm on the plus plan.
Will ChatGPT/AI replace jobs?
Curious on this subject and if so what timeline.
New comment Feb 9
5 likes • Feb 6
I think the obvious answer is yes. Not all jobs, but quite a few depending on individual sectors and the kind of tasks carried out. The timescale will also depend on individuals and businesses. For example, I am running a design studio and everything turned upside down overnight with a whole new landscape that is fast evolving. If I speak to some of my clients though, they have never heard of AI, much less spent time seeing what it can do for them. If you run a plumbing or garden landscaping business, chances are AI will have little to no impact for several years. My wife works in education training teachers how to use technology and they love some of the new AI that saves them work like easy lesson planning, yet vehemently opposed to anything they see as threatening their job security. Expect some interesting battles with trade unions in the next few years, because I think the employment world will look very different in 3-5 years time as AI development gains pace. The curious parts will be how well those varied AI run services will run and also how people react when they see their own jobs under threat. For sure, many companies will be tempted to use AI in all sorts of ways simply to cut costs. One certainty is that AI is not about disappear any time soon and those who are best informed are most likely to ride the wave and prosper.
How has AI helped or inspired your work ambitions?
We have all seen the enormous change in AI and the potential impact. I am curious to know if others have used this purely to improve results in your existing area of work or have you been inspired to try something completely new that you wouldn't have tried before? Also at this stage, how are your efforts with AI measuring up against your expectations of what you hope to achieve?
GPT that continues on its own
Has anyone found a way to get a GPT continue on its own? For example: There is a limit to GPTs output response so I was trying to add a workflow in the System role that stated to create an outline of an article… then to write the first subheadings content stop. Then write the next subheadings content, stop. And repeat until all subheadings have been written. It just doesn’t seem like it’s doing it but not sure … I could share the role text I was using if any of ya want to see. Has anyone had success with doing this … I’m pretty sure it could be done in the assistance API though.
New comment Nov '23
1 like • Nov '23
I would have thought you could adjust the prompt to continue as another answer that picks up where the last one left off. If you want to do it manually just type in continue.
ChatGPT iPhone keyboard?
I recently saw an add for an iPhone app that added ChatGPT to the keyboard (a quick search showed that there are actually a bunch of them, who knew?). Do you use one? Do you like it? How do you use it?
New comment Nov '23
0 likes • Nov '23
Yes I saw this some months ago and installed it, but then removed without trying when I realised it would basically have access to every word you write and pretty much everywhere.
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Ashley Smith
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I am a former professional photographer now running a design studio in the UK. Interested in using AI to improve my workflow and profitability.

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