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Latest update on our island top
This is the last picture of our old island top. And some of the veggies we harvested from our garden
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Latest update on our island top
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@Rich Murphy So, too, have I found out. Thank you, sir.
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@David Duffin thank you, sir.
What's Everyone Working On?
I'd love to see more of you posting your projects. We want to see what you're working on; share in your triumphs and tragedies. Preferably more of the former and less of the later.
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@Rob Thimmes thanks for the info. I may at some point attempt to build a better sled. I needed the one I built to flatten our new countertop for our kitchen island. 4x6s, 9’ x 38”. It’s a beast.
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@Rob Thimmes Thank you. My bride wanted “chunky” when we redid it. It’s nearly 3” thick after leveling the 4x6s. And HEAVY!! We still have to repaint the cabinet and drawer fronts.
Yet another project…..
As if I don’t have enough to do already, we moved the wall for our half bath so we could move the laundry area into the half bath. The barn door was of course mama’s idea. She wanted to buy one. I said I could make it for zero material cost (I did have to buy the hardware to hang it, though).
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Yet another project…..
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@Dawn Cleofe One of many advantages to Homeschool. The boys are a huge help when it comes to the projects around here.
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@Rich Murphy No, that’s 2x6s with a 9/32” dado, T111 panels (2) inlaid, glued and brad nailed on the tongues. The K braces are resawed 2x4 to 1/2” thick. Anything to play with my 4520.
What power tool do you use the most?
We all have that one power tool we can't live without.
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A couple months ago I ran across a local deal on FB Marketplace. Someone was selling a Ridgid 4520 at a price “…I couldn’t refuse.” Needless to say it has a permanent home in my garage. It has become my cut almost everything saw.
A use for……
A few years ago my bride bought me some used woodworking tools, among which was a chassis for a Ridgid 4512 table saw without the saw. After using it to create and use for a couple years what we affectionately called my “frankensaw,” I upgraded (okay, found on marketplace for an “offer I couldn’t refuse” price) to a 4520. Now, what to do with the 4512 base. Turns out that the 4512 makes a fantastic multi-role work top and extension for the 4520, with the 4520 making a great extension for the 4512. A couple quick homemade hold down clamps and I can use it for anything.
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A use for……
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Thanks for all the kind words! Since they are both the same height and very movable it makes using my table saw so much easier. I think I will fabricate some means to be able to tie the two together for when I have longer pieces of wood to work with.
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@Rich Murphy That was sort of my plan as needed. And when I’m not using it as an out feed I can use it for a myriad of other things. Since I also have the rails and wings for it I can make it larger than just the cast top. Oh, the possibilities….!! 😁
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