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I'm so excited and grateful! We hit 200 members today in this fledgling Community and I'm so grateful to each and every one of you who have joined and put your faith in me to help provide tools and guidance to make your journey of BECOMING more of who you feel called to be in this world one that you can be PRESENT for and ENJOY! I realize that many of you haven't even scratched the surface of the absolute GOLD that is available to you in the classroom or with the weekly free coaching offering! Dig in and, if you'd like my personal guidance, send me a DM here on Skool and let me help you find the best resources for the transformation you desire! Cheers to all of you and here's to the next 200! ✨💕✨ If you have friends who would enjoy what this group has to offer, please invite them! by sharing this link:
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Releasing Sexual Trauma & Raising Vibrations in the Present
Here's the free coaching module for this week and it goes DEEP.... At the request of @Araceli Lopez and @Rene Martin , this week's coaching is about healing childhood sexual trauma, raising your vibration and working on money's quite a diverse offering and also, it can be, and often is, all related! I'd love to hear your takeaways after you watch the coaching video. Post them below in the comments please. As mentioned in the video, here are the links and resources I suggested: 1. Episode 59 of the Becoming More Me Podcast- Easy and effective ways to raise your vibrations 2. The 8 Week Free Coaching Program- Week 7 (for Money Blocks)- Head over to the 8 week free coaching program in the can go directly to week 7 HERE There's a coaching video, questions to ask yourself, and a place on the post to share your answers/questions for feedback. 3. In my book, BECOMING MORE ME: Tapping into Success– Subconscious Secrets of an ADHD Entrepreneurial Mom , there is also a tapping round provided for working on money blocks in chapter 12 which is titled: The Energy of Money.
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OMG spot on! Thank you so much. I will be reaching out in DM. 🌺 and so interesting that the money blocks would also be part of this coaching session because I recently had an epiphany that mine are completely intertwined because my mother turned a blind eye to what the abuser was doing, and he threatened me with the loss of financial support for my family - as moving up in social class was one of the reasons my mother had married him.
What kind of coaching would support you this week?
Starting today, I am taking a requests to deliver free coaching to the community on Friday! This is the next closest thing to being able to rub a genie 🧞 in lamp and have a grant a wish 🧞‍♂️ 🌟….Feel free to request anything that would serve you right now… Ideas: Could be coaching on a fear or phobia, coaching on some kind of trauma/memory, coaching on money blocks, coaching on, raising your vibration, coaching on manifesting some particular goal or aspiration… There are no limits. Ask For what would most serve you at this time and on Friday, Coaching will be delivered.✨💕✨ Please make sure to be detail oriented with your request. 😘
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@Theresa Lear Levine much appreciated
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@Theresa Lear Levine will find some space to do this this morning. 💕🙏🏽
Hypnotic Regression to rewrite your narratives around feelings about your body and sex
Good Morning, Community! I wanted to let you know that the next call for my Becoming More Me Group program is TOMORROW and we currently have room for more members to enroll and join us! We will be working on hypnotic regression related to our first chakra, and early life sex education and feelings about our body. No matter what goals you're currently working on achieving or what you're desiring to manifest into your life this year, your relationship to your body is and narratives around your sexuality are critical and this will be transformative! If you are interested in joining, please comment below and I can send you details! I host these transformative Group calls 2 times per month and they go deeper than the coaching offered solely in this group.
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Just seeing this. I guess I missed the opportunity. If still open please let me know
Post a WIN from your week in the comments!!
✨ Have you ever wondered why, despite your achievements, you're not feeling as proud as you’d like? It might be because you're glossing over the little victories that deserve your recognition and celebration! 🥳 In Episode 149 of the Becoming More Me podcast, we're joined by Gregg Berman, who shares the importance of allowing ourselves to be fully seen and celebrated for every win, no matter the size. 🌸 We often overlook or diminish the strides we make daily, but remember, every little step forward is a piece of the puzzle to your greater success. Whether it’s managing to wake up a bit earlier or crossing something off your to-do list, these moments are building blocks towards the larger dreams you hold dear. 🌈 May I also suggest that examining your resistance to celebrating little wins is worth a gander…?😉😘 Tune into this heartwarming episode and let's celebrate our progress together! Click HERE
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@Sasia Lile absolutely! Think of all the money you would spend to get those services if you were not doing them yourself because you were working.
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