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hey guys, freakin out a lil, I'm getting 0 views on most of my shorts. Channel just launched, I saw a few others have had this problem and it seems random. Wondering if this is a glitch as YT not even giving it a chance and now a little freaked out of the shear amount I'm about to post. Any thoughts? Here's channel



Jamie Barclay
Owen Sheasby
Andrei Roncea
Vincent Rochler
Antony Tarrant
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    @Andrei Roncea thanks Andrei. Got a few with almost 1000 views on shorts so far. testing, testing!

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    @Vincent Rochler awesome thanks man, yeah trying a few hours apart and now different types of content

Heya, anyone got any feedback on this? Top10 Self Love Tips with Cool Afro Dogs Happy to test it soon but just incase anyone got anything I can add?



Muzafar Ahmed
Antony Tarrant
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    link should work now

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    hey thanks for the thoughts! Will see if I can get some more interesting ones. For some I was trying to make not too much movement because I want to focus on the singing and the words but you may be right in thinking more about the movement.

First video up! Weekly Good News in a fun song. Would love any thoughts or support if you like it. Spent a bit of time learning how to edit but getting the hang of it. Not expecting a huge outcome atm as it's a pretty wack concept, loads of keywords in there but nice to get the first one out there and got loads of shorts to check the data etc. We're going to do more songs in the self help space, off-beat comedy songs but with good messages. We want to help people by providing fun vibes and education in a slightly wack way. I'm sure there's a way?



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Jamie Barclay
Muzafar Ahmed
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    @Corey Bennett Boardman OK cool, we'll try a few more things

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    @Jamie Barclay oh dude i love that idea! I think for now we are going to half the news to 2min instead of 4min because I want to keep testing other ideas for the channel and need to maintain other work etc. If we get going though I think splitting the news up into segments would work much better as there's so much news out there. We want to focus mainly on self help stuff but thought the news would be fun to start, appreciate your feedback.

I want everyone on here to realize something that I have realized recently. Being here, wanting to learn, and increasing your levels of success shows that you are taking steps forward in your life. Even if you aren't making progress, or if you feel stuck in a rut, remember: The most important step is the next one. Put one foot in front of the other. Even if it seems like you're going nowhere, slowly but surely you are making your way toward your goals and success.



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Music producer & artist from New Zealand getting into the youtube space planning a channel with songs about self help, philosophy & culture.

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