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START HERE! Make Your First Post & Watch the Video
Hey there! Welcome to the Teacherpreneur Support Network! @Michael Landry , @Leonardo Gomes and I are excited to have you here. Over the past half decade, we’ve surveyed thousands of teachers from around the world, and there are two things they are passionate about: finding news ways to improve their teaching and having a steady income. These combined play a major role in teacher wellbeing, and the main goal of this community is to help you develop in both of these areas. To kick things off, Step 1: Make your first post HERE by using the template below: Let everyone know: 1. Your name 2. Why you joined this community 3. Your business goal for the next 30 days 4. What you're looking for help with in this community. Step 2: Learn how to get unstuck & set up your foundations - start with Module 1 here. *See Step 3 below _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The goal of this network is to help YOU and other aspiring teacherpreneurs feel confident in setting up their teaching businesses the right way. Watch the video below, answer the poll, and introduce yourself as an orientation to the platform and this community. The community here will be what we all make it. Let's not consume passively but rather contribute actively, build accountability, and help each other along the way. Some ways to do this: - make useful posts consistently - share tips that have worked for you - ask good questions - offer advice to those you believe you can help One thing is for sure: everyone here wants to see YOU succeed. STEP 3 RESOURCES: Everyone is at a different stage of their business, and we have resources here to help you with where you are.
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START HERE! Make Your First Post & Watch the Video
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Thank you Michael!
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Hi again, I’ve just watched the welcome video and I’d like to introduce myself a second time by following the suggested framework. I’m Antonietta from Italy, a freelance language teacher and translator. I teach Business and General English to adults. I teach online and in-company English classes to help - employees and managers to work better internationally; - recent graduates to find their first job; - unemployed people to have more chances to re-enter the job market. I worked for more than ten years as an export sales assistant but then I decided to go freelance to become a translator and a language teacher. I realised – very soon, actually - that teaching was becoming more important and fulfilling than translating and I therefore shifted my main focus from translating to language teaching. I have been working with private language schools and training agencies since 2014. I joined this community because I would like to find a way to devote some of my time to my own teaching business. I’m aware that I cannot stop being a freelancer, as the training companies I work with provide me with constant teaching and they pay well. Does what I’m currently doing represent what I’m capable of doing? I really like what I do because the people I work with are very motivated learners and because English is a crucial tool that can improve or even change their lives. Thanks to the years I spent working for different companies, I can relate to my learners’ needs and this is very important. What I’m currently doing represents just a portion of what I’m capable of doing. There are many things I would like to try and this is not always possible because the syllabi of the courses don’t give me the freedom to “go with the flow”. I would like to help learners in real time, using authentic resources to notice and acquire real language that they can use in the workplace or in daily life.
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Hi everyone! I'm happy to be here. I'm a freelance language teacher and translator based in Italy. I teach Business English classes for adults online and in-company.
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Here are some common areas my learners need to work on : - improving listening skills to boost comprehension and acquire language; - understanding key features of global English to work with international teams on a daily basis; - learning basic strategies and tools for language independence. I'm not sure where to start from. Do you think I should choose one area or they all relate to a wider
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macro - area? As you can see, I need some help to clarify my starting point and this is the reason I decided to join your program. Thanks!
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Antonietta Trevisi
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I'm a freelance language teacher and translator based in Udine, Italy.

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