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Why aren't you participating in the membership challenge?
The Membership challenge is underway. Some people are on track to make $15k MRR ($180k /year). Why aren't you participating? I'm curious...
New comment Apr 20
3 likes • Oct '23
@Sara Kremer same here.
Skool Payouts in EU / VAT / Business account
How are you navigating your paid communities if you are from EU? We have a registered company LLC here in Slovenia, and we want to recieve the payouts to our business bank account . Are others in EU mostly doing this via personal bank accounts? This is an expalantion from Skool payments FAQ. "VAT / sales tax Skool handles VAT/sales tax compliance for you. You don’t need to register for VAT or do anything. All VAT/sales tax liability is on Skool, not you. Payouts from Skool to you are VAT/sales tax exempt because Skool is a US company. When a customer is in the EU, Skool will automatically add VAT to the purchase price, capture it, and remit it to the government." Can EU residents and businesses please discuss about this here and clarify some things. Is it really ok if we transfer payouts via Stripe to our personal/business account without any additional bills etc. Skool FAQ says: "You don't need to do anything". I'm not sure. :)
New comment Apr 9
Facebook Group vs Skool Group
Has anyone moved their free (not paid) community from Facebook to Skool? Would to hear about your experiences before making full decision of creating a community. How is the engagement compared to FB group? How is the reach compared to FB group? Would you recommend starting free group on Skool rather than on Facebook? Thanks.
New comment Feb 10
0 likes • Sep '23
Here is an interesting usage of a free group, where our paid members and future clients coexist in one place.
0 likes • Sep '23
@Yvonne Heimann hello, i just posted a video bellow in the last comment in this post.
Mini-challenge — Create a cool About page and win $1,000
Here's something fun we can do this week... 1. Create a cool About page for your community 2. Share a link to it in the comments below 3. The About page link with the most likes will win $1,000 cash 4. The About page link the Skool team likes the most will win $1,000 cash 5. A random About page link will win $1,000 cash This mini-challenge starts NOW. The winners will be decided on Friday, Sep 22 @ 4pm Pacific. Reminder: The Membership Challenge ($100k+ in prizes) starts in 7-days on September 25th. This is a fun way to prepare for the main event. 🎉🎉🎉
New comment 26d ago
15 likes • Sep '23
Ours is actualy VSL + book a call page. But it's not your normal info product VSL. We made a lot of money with it. :) Our community is small, but amazing in quality and results. We plant 🌳 and provide food safety for people.
4 likes • Sep '23
@Jonathan Boshoff video is uploaded to loom, there is an option to do it. Then you simply copy/paste the link.
Introducing "$1 Club" — the first paid community on skool
Introducing the first paid community on Skool — "$1 Club". Its purpose: To demonstrate the paid community experience. For $1 /month you'll get to: 1. See what it's like to subscribe to a paid community (as a member) 2. See what it's like to sell a paid community (as an admin) 3. Be first in line to use the payments system (for your own community) Click here to join $1 Club. We don't expect you to pay $1 /month ongoing. You can cancel your subscription at any time with 1-click. We're doing this as a live demonstration of our payments system. See you on the other side!
New comment Jan 14
7 likes • Aug '23
I just joined, thanks for the feauture and opportunity! Thoughts about using the system and future versions. All-in-ONE group is my goal. I'm thinking to have low ticket subscribtion model for potential clients and then use high ticket to unlock calendar and courses for high ticket clients. Would that be possible? Also, if we have current price set to $99/m for example... would it be possible to invite member into the group for free? Like, they paid us high ticket via our own invoice and we want to add them to the group.
1 like • Aug '23
@Sam Ovens for us in EU, if we get money on our bussiness bank account we need to create receipts and pay 22% VAT for it because it is considered as income. My Skool account is linked to my bussiness bank card account, so i can show costs in my bussiness for running my own Skool groups.
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Planting tree ecosystems, greening the deserts and observing nature.

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