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I want to know.



Jose Castro
Ryan Mathews
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Tom Sult
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    Complexity made simple. No distraction. Customer oriented.

A strategy that you can use for your mastermind which I've been inspired from Sam Ovens & Andrew Kirby. Hope it helps.



Oli Reitmaier
Aleks Fidurski
Lucie Woods
Zahida A Khan
Alan Myburgh
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We're thinking of doing a sick Black Friday deal. The craziest Black Friday deal we've ever done. Interested? Give me a sick GIF in the comments below if you want a sick deal.



Shew Tanden
Regina Martinelli
Trent Grzegorczyk
David Jones
Teresa Knipple
New comment Jan 22

Hey guys! As many of your know, I have a free Skool community. I started the community with zero intention of monetisation. I genuinely wanted to bring together 'my people'. But recently I launched an offer and... ... Drumroll please ... I made $100,000 in 10 days! With zero employees. And with only $99 in expenses (yes, Skool is my only expense apart from Stripe). From only one simple post. Would you guys be interested if I made a free course sharing how I did it? I could share: - Is a Free Group Funnel right for you? - How to START a free group funnel - How to FILL a free group funnel - How to MONETISE a free group funnel Comment a money related GIF if you'd be interested, so that I know who to send it to!



Heinz Koop
Benjamin Nabers
Luke Miller
Dax Play
Lucie Woods
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How many members do you currently have in your Skool community? If you don't have your own yet, would love to know that too.



Benjamin Nabers
Dan Harrison
Aleks Fidurski
Nasiru Abubakar
Hannah Fisher
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If you have a free group that anyone can join post your links here and tell us what your niche is.



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Dan Harrison
Roman Pearl
James Brinkerhoff
Ted Carr
New comment Feb 14
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    Launched a brotherhood for mastering natural testosterone righteously. https://www.skool.com/righteousness

Currently there are only 3 ways to get points on Skool... 1) You can make posts in the community and hope to get likes on your posts. 2) You can comment on posts and hope to get likes on your comments. 3) You can reply to to comments and hope to get likes on your replies. But what if you're an introvert or lone wolf who doesn't want to make posts, comment, or reply? Or what if you're just mega focused on course work and feel the community is a distraction/waste of time? Or what if a community is 'dead' and doesn't give you the likes you deserve? Or what if you don't speak English that well and suck at interacting w other people in english? How can you get points, level up and access new course material or the bonuses then? You can't. Or at least, not very well. Because you're relying soley on other people's approval and validation for your progress. And that's an issue. Because most of my membership materials & bonuses get unlocked as you level up... and I've already had several members in my community reach out to me and tell me they want to level up but don't want to make posts, comment, or reply just to get points. + I'm part of a Skool group with only 15 members, only 5 of which are active, so it makes it incredibly hard to get points & level up. So what's the solution? What if you could also get points by watching course material? Call em "Progress Points" Or what if you could also get +1 point each week just by remaining a member? Call em "Member Loyalty Points" Or what if you could also get points by completing a quiz? Call em "Quiz Completion Points" These are just some ideas. Happy to hear yours below.


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Cody McDowell
Ryan Alexander
Ted Carr
Stuart Clifford
Lendon Bracewell
New comment Feb 12
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    Add a log in streak point system. Just the way you would unlock something at a particular level - you can get something based on log in streak (The group owner can edit what exactly they receive just like the way they can edit what they receive when they level up)

A while ago, I optimised to grow the number of members in my community. This was a mistake. Quality of discussion dropped. The core members of my community left and started a group chat. The community started to suck. So now I'm rejecting 95%+ of people who apply to join the community. And focusing on quality again. The quality of your audience matters a lot more than the size of your audience Was prompted to share this when I saw the results of @Blake La Grange's poll.



Shivam Jha
Andrew Kirby
Dorian Vida
Brenda Dempsey
Earnie Boyd
New comment Jan 12

Hi... I have searched for the app... am I missing something because I cannot find it. I have an iphone.



Aleks Fidurski
Brenda Dempsey
Mareya Ali
New comment Jan 11

I want to join a community that focuses on a certain topic that itches my curiosity. How would I go about and do that? I tried the search bar but typing in "Topic + community/school/group" doesn't help much. Do I need to reach a certain status/level in order to find a community that fits my interest or is there a better approach?



Aleks Fidurski
Byonghun Kwak
New comment Dec '22

Let's say you keep your clients accountable. Would be great If I can pin the link of the accountability sheet in the clients chat. I know telegram has that feature in place. Nothing urgent - just a feature which would be nice to see in place.



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Aleks Fidurski
New comment Sep '22

Sometimes you need to express a feeling, but words alone can’t quite do it. Now you can add GIFs to Posts, Comments, Replies, and Chats! Just click the GIF button, type your keyword, find the perfect GIF, and it will attach to the post or comment you are writing. Comment below with a GIF! Thanks team! 🙌



Ted Carr
Marcos Razzetti
Chris Marsella
Dalibor Stojkovic
Corey Creed
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