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OpenAI New Text-to-Video Tool >> Sora
Perhaps some of you have seen sample results from Sora . . . Just Mind blowing realism 🤯 Check this out >>
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No joke they perfected what was missing which is detailed videos from AI and it's mind-blowing to watch what others are making. Do you think this is a direct hit to the video creation market?
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@Zahida A Khan I hear ya
Beyond Job Losses: The Brewing Storm of Tech Backlash and How to Avoid It
Beyond Job Losses: The Brewing Storm of Tech Backlash and How to Avoid It In our AI-driven world, it's tempting to focus solely on the amazing innovations unfolding - self-driving cars, super-intelligent chatbots, the works. But with excitement comes a responsibility we can't ignore: the impact of these technologies on jobs and, by extension, on society. History teaches us a dangerous lesson. Each major technological wave leaves economic shockwaves, and not everyone comes out unscathed. Past upheavals have taught us that fear and resentment can turn into backlash, even hate, aimed at the technology itself and those perceived to benefit from it. Think it can't happen with AI and robotics? It already is. Reports of attacks on automated systems, however isolated, are warning signs. And while physical confrontations are concerning, the bigger issue is the simmering fear of a future where your paycheck is replaced by a machine. The speed of AI development doesn't help. With jobs at stake and less understandable systems making decisions, we risk heading towards a social crisis unless we get ahead of the game. So, what can we do? - It's about policy, not just progress:Governments can't be passive spectators. We need strong safety nets, large-scale re-training programs, and sensible regulation of AI to make it socially responsible, not just profitable. - Tech ethics aren't optional: If your business benefits from automation, it also has a responsibility to help manage the fallout. Transparent processes, investment in worker re-skilling, and working with policymakers should be on the table. - We need AI literacy, not fear: Widespread education about AI and robotics is key. The goal is to help people understand these tools for what they are – potential for good, but in need of human guidance to prevent harm. It's tempting to say things will sort themselves out, but history, with the plight of factory workers after industrialization, proves otherwise. Let's avoid sleepwalking into an AI-driven societal divide. The time for talking and planning is now, before the backlash hits full force. The goal isn't to scare, but to ensure the AI revolution brings benefits, not just burdens.
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Hey no joke buddy I graduated from marketing and my god there is zero jobs and even if people get jobs that's like pure recommendation/referrals even if they lack shit enough skills yeah it's a tough time what are your thoughts?
Who are ChatGPT's other competitors?
Could anyone please provide more information about other competitors that exist in the same market as ChatGPT?
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@Julie Helmer You're so good at this or you know this niche more than anybody else.
12d ago 
who all use Chat GPT for Business Marketing?
dose Chat GPT v3 helped you for your business marketing ? for Example google my business? or facebook ads?
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Hey me too
Open AI Interview on GPTs
Guess who's getting interviewed by OPEN AI Today? They want to know how about my private uses of my GPTs. I have over 60. I'll keep you posted! I honestly owe this community a great deal of gratitude for all of the shared knowledge and support. Especially @Jason West ...
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What was the Interview about ?
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