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Bogdan Kozma Peti
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Bio: Am 51 de ani, experiență în vânzări și management. In prezent lucrez ca șofer de camion în Germania. Motto: Mai bine mai târziu decât niciodată.
Rich Maloney
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Bio: Founder & CEO, Quality Mind Global
Will McGhee
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Bio: Owner of Recruiting With Dynamite. We help agency recruiters generate more leads, land more business and close more deals.
Mogwarts University University
Bio: Official Mogwarts Owner
Nigel Daley
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Bio: YO
Dr Aakanksha Pandit
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Bio: Hi, Dr Aakanksha.I am a Neurological Physical Therapist from the US, Researcher, Innovator, to be CEO of an AI medical software company for Parkinsons
Theron Isei
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Bio: Do your best and leave the rest to the best.
Maikel van de Weerd
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Bio: Volgt
Keevin Williams
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Bio: fitness trainer and calisthenics coach
Kristina Hodgdon
Naples, FL • INFP
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Bio: Not justice impacted but here for support. Advocate & founder of the nonprofit STEAM Cafe, need co-founder. Disabled stroke survivor given 2nd chance.
John Kempf
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Bio: Health and fitness coach, yoga teacher
John Botello
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Bio: Remote Cleaning Mastery!
Antonio Golemovic
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Bio: Antonio Golemovic, professional table tennis coach. Promoting the sport, helping players excel and achieve their best.
Ryan Nguyen
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Bio: ➖ The Client Generating Content Agency ➖ Helping online coaches, land, more clients by going viral ➖ DM me “𝗚𝗥𝗢𝗪” for info
Dustin Chambers
New York
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Bio: DC
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Sam Ovens
CEO @ Skool.
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