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Facilitation in 30 seconds
Coming week I'm giving a keynote lecture in a conference (technical topic) and I will be speaking in front of about 150 people. The session chair would like to promote me and my new facilitation business when he calls me up on stage, and he asked for my suggestion. Also, in the audience will be representatives of MANY of my potential clients, both from my niche industry and group leaders from academia, with whom I can chitchat about my new facilitation business later. Most people in the audience never heard about facilitation, and as Russel Brunson says, they are still cold clients - they are either skeptic or they don't know that they need it. Any idea how to explain to clueless people, in 30 seconds, why facilitation is THE thing they miss in life? Any ideas are welcome :)
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@Bas van der Paardt I've got lots of good ideas. I will summarize it at some point during next week
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@Bas van der Paardt Here is a brief summary of the main ideas that I got: 1. Facilitation and workshop have (usually) negative connotations, so avoid using them. Instead, focus on the outcome and your deliverables rather than what you do. Emphasize the value that the results will bring to the company. 2. Connect with the audience's frustration. Place them as avatars in a (work-related frustrating) situation that they can recognize and share a story on how you solve this problem. Explain your "why" that brought you to this point. Share the story of your journey. (which is somehow like b). 3. Come up with a clean and clear one sentence: I help X doing Y buy Z.  
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Thanks @Henri Timmerman I've registered!
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Anat Akiva
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I am a former scientist (PI in academia) who realized that helping solve problems is my real passion. *new to facilitation, looking for a mentor :)

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