I like investing in mission-driven saas founders, being outside in nature, writing words that inspire change, and cooking insanely delicious food.
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Oakland, CA
From United States, looking to learn about different verticals of entrepreneurship.
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Learn and develop to become the best version of yourself :)
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My name is Jens, and I create 360° panoramas up 512 megapixels
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Germany, near Cologne
Health care provider by day and creator by night looking to serve and understand like minded individuals in this beautiful world. #letsgrow!
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(: Just a boring Software Founder. 🌹 Follow back for Mock Call practice!
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Currently teaching astrophotography. Former Software Engineer. Psalm 19
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Montrose, CO
Founder of CAD Manager School which is focused on becoming the #1 online community for CAD pros in becoming CAD Managers & impactful CAD Leaders.
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Big Z | Texan | Momentum Creator | ✝️ | Entrepreneur
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South FL
i'm gentle, calm and easygoing
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Illuminate the world.
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Europe Lisbon Portugal
I am a biohacker. Good in thinking out of box to resolve health matters. Also a maverick in other areas.
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Founder of InteGrow AI, an AI and Business Process Automation Agency
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You need help with Facebook ads/Landing pages/Email-Marketing? Just DM me.
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Real estate, RE investing, sports, scouting
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Austin, Tx
We’ve been offering Matterport since 2017 and recently began using CloudPano.
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PR based, I have small portfolio of hotels and homes that I have done. I’m looking to create a business out of this to create recurring revenue.
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Small agency owner recently relocated to Montgomery Tx. to be close to our grandkids. Full time caregiver to wife. Contractors primary niche.
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An observer in the void.
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I do digital marketing, 360 photos, SEO, and I'm beginning to do Real Estate tours.
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Glad to be here // My Company: https://www.fishbowlmedia.co //
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Passionate about achieving results by implementing creative and innovative marketing strategies to delight users, adding value to companies.
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My Goal Is To Learn & Network With Like Minded Team Members, Work Together, Share Our Ideas & Build A Solid Foundation & Community Together.
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I want to establish a digital media company specializing in 360 VR Tours, serving businesses, and residential and commercial real estate development.
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Passionate founder of a Digital Media Agency. Proud member of 360 profit Community. Committed to driving growth and innovation in digital marketing.
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Former IT Director of 20 yrs. Now focused on providing "Systems & Automations" as solutions.
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New York
Making my family proud 💪
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Owner at SoaringOwlMedia.com
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Raleigh, NC
ASH information Technology
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