I build businesses and make things happen.
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East Coast
Just an old guy, loving this thing called life.
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@machi.works Luxury Custom Table Maker Wood Sculptor Designer DM via Instagram to book an appointment regarding any services.
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Jose Renteria. Im 34. I live in perris California. I work in underground pipeline. I Ike doing woodwork on my time off.
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Perris California
Retired Electrician having fun learning about woodworking
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Looking to work with great communities and people along the way. :)
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Confidence isn't walking into a room thinking you're better than anyone; it's walking in not having to compare yourself to anyone at all
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Optimizing content to reach professionals around the world. Learning new ways to do things is my thrill.
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Santa Clarita
Been at this woodworking hobby for a couple of years now and found this community so thought I'd check it out.
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50+ year old disabled man living in the uk I was trained as a vehicle fleet technician after my spinal cord injury I started a small print shop
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Skegness UK
Living the dream
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Seven years to retirement, seven years to refine my woodworking skills.
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Retirement Hobby when I can't play golf
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Have been woodworking since a young age learned from my great grandfather.
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Looking to learn more about woodworking
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Love finishing but I don’t really care for sanding.
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Retired international business executive with a wide range of inherited power and hand tools.
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I'm a beginner woodworker,
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Northeast Ohio
Email and Jiu Jitsu
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Like building things around the house. Want to start to better my skills and build more complicated items
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NE Ohio
To become a proffessional carpertner is my dream that i have been seeking it in past 4 years of my life i lived with wood dust all my life and love it
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Marius le Roux , quantum knowledge seeker of all things true to the path of my soul.
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Eastern Cape, South Africa
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New to woodworking but retired as an electrician after 30 years. 11-year U. S. Army veteran.
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Based out of Ireland. Here to learn more about my passions.
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My biggest thrill is taking old wood and making into something beautiful.
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Estern NC
Full time therapist, part time woodworker
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