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New New New!!
The team has been working on amazing new features that are already available! New features live: · "Start with the text": Create a Twitvid from custom text instead of a real tweet. · "Start with audio": Create an animated twit-vid from a short voiceover or a song snippet using automatic speech detection. · Your tweet is preloaded with AI-suggested footage per default. · New "Audio" video-creation step: 1. Upload background music. 2. Create text-to-speech voiceover from the tweet text (with animated text). 3. Select previously uploaded audio files. ··· Go check them out by yourself and share them with the community your new creations :)
Adrian Barra
Alexandro Lacadena Gómez
Designz Media
Diogo Castro
Abey Pulicken
New comment Aug 21
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Yerrrr 🚀
API Update?? is it working??
I was using an API to generate the video and have it sent to me on my Telegram. I'm currently experiencing a system error and would like to determine if the API system is functioning properly. **The Python code is attached to let me know if i get something wrong here**
Hamza Haroon
Mikhail Andreev
Asad Ullah
Muhammad Alfin
New comment Aug 16
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If it still isn't working for you please show me what exact response /error message you're getting.
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FYI: Your exact code works for me as well
Rendering issue
It always me to do all the steps but when I finish making the video and it takes me to the library its very hit or miss with the rendering. Currently its not letting me do it at all but im sure if I wait till tomorrow it may finally go through. Basically it's unusable though when its like this. It cant complete the one job its supposed to do which is make the video 😂
Mikhail Andreev
Jaidev Green
Designz Media
Lee Busch
New comment Jul 20
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Hey! Can you describe what step it fails it? Are the videos saying "Render failed" in the "My videos" page? If so, would you mind sharing your email via dm and I'll check it out for you. There can be multiple reasons videos fail, e.g. failure to load custom footage, etc.
1 like • Jul 11
@Designz Media yeah it's mostly about specific .RAW or .mov formats which the software doesn't know how to handle. There's literally hundreds and I patch it up when I notice an error but it's hard to cover them all. Running your footage through a .mp4 converter will fix it most likely.
Twitvid Software Update
Hey everyone! First, thanks for your patience over the past month. As you might've heard from other Twitter-related products, Twitter has enforced some outrageous limits on its API. Like endpoints that were unrestricted and free, are now restricted to 10 calls/hour for plans that cost multiple thousand dollars a month. It took a bit to adjust but we now have a long-term solution which will last for the foreseeable future. Regarding rendering issues: videos are complex media and there are edge cases where you can still get failing renders. In those cases, try different footage, processing your footage with something like a MP4 Converter, or just restarting a render. Thanks for reading and reporting!
Alexandro Lacadena Gómez
New comment Jul 16
Profile Image Not Visible 50% of the Time
Hey guys Love the product, but half of the time its unusable as my Twitter profile pic doesn't appear on the rendered video. Any way to fix this?
Daniel Dalen
Skye Khilji
Mikhail Andreev
New comment Jul 9
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This had to do with your twitter profile image having been updated and us having to, because of the new Twitter API changes, cache Twitter data on our side. I put in a solution just now, so your profile image should be updated automatically next time you log on. Feel free to try it out and let me know how it goes! You might have to reload the page
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@Skye Khilji Hey, just re-connect the account please. This is just a display quirk, it wont affect videos.
Noticeable Decrease in Video Rendering Speed on Website
I've noticed that the video rendering on the website has been experiencing delays and is taking longer than usual recently.
Truong Nguyen
Asad Ullah
Hamza Haroon
Mikhail Andreev
New comment Jun 8
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We've switched our entire rendering system to a new one which comes with better video quality and more reliable rendering, as well as the new audio features. Sadly, it sometimes means renders which are a bit slower. Still a normal video of ~15s should be rendered within max. 30s. If you're seeing rendering speeds which are over 1min for such a short video please let me know.
Problem!! Need Solution
I created an account using email and password but later linked it with Google. However, I am currently unable to log in using my password and would prefer to log in with my email and password as it is more convenient for me. Is there a solution to this issue?
Adrian Barra
Hamza Haroon
Mikhail Andreev
New comment May 23
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@Hamza Haroon Hey! Thanks for reaching out. I believe I've sent you an email about this issue before but happy to pick it up here. If you want, I can delete your account and you'll be able to sign in again with your email and password. If you have any plans, I'll transfer them over but you'd lose your videos. Let me know If that works for you and I'll go ahead.
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Thanks for being here! I'm the CTO of Twitvid. Come to me with issues or suggestions 🫶
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