We lie
We say that we have a technician shortage, but we lie:
We shop owners built this industry- whether we are first generation owners or inherited all of our bad habits from those who like us, didn’t know what they didn’t know at the time.
The funny thing is, we can’t pull that bs with ourselves any longer. Not since Remarkable Results Radio, not since ASOG, not since Changing The Industry Podcast, not since Wrench Nation Radio, and the literally thousands of other industry professionals and organizations whom exist for the sole purpose of making you and I just a bit more professional than we were yesterday and yesteryear.
Case in point- this month, we set out to add a B tech and while we ended up hiring on a seasoned veteran in his prime, we also fielded a dozen under-qualified applicants and met with the several who took the time to come in and see what we had to offer. They came to see whether our advertised reputation had anything in common with our “shop ground zero”.
They came, prepared for the typical “what can you do for my business” interview and they left being armed with a new vision of what a modern day independent automotive service facility operates like when it’s firing on all cylinders. (Pun intended)
And just as importantly, they now know what kind of workplaces to avoid.
And so I pass along this Sunday morning friendly reminder that you never know how impactful your time and knowledge is, until you remember the investment that your peers have made in your personal and professional development and how it’s never forgotten.
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Bill Nalu
We lie
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