Master Auto Tech Relocating to Baltimore, MD
I just got this email from a tech looking for a good independent shop in the Baltimore area:
"I'm a master tech from Portland Oregon, currently relocating to Baltimore, Maryland area, I heard you on a podcast today and was curious if you know a good shop in the Columbia/Frederick/Sykesville area of Maryland?
I was with Mazda for 8 years as a shop foreman/master tech and another 7 before that as a heavy line fleet tech. I'm thinking mobile ADAS tech, DOT tech or a working in a good independent shop.
I'll be there in about 5 days with my tools ready to work soon."
This sounds like a great opportunity.
If you are in the area and looking for a tech, let me know and I'll make the connection.
Chris Lawson
Master Auto Tech Relocating to Baltimore, MD
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