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Uncle Jimmy Getting Into The Arena (Realtime Sales Call)
Hey guys, I know a few of you have asked about my sales process and more specifically how I sell using discovery calls and proposals as opposed to 1 call closes. I decided to hijack one of @Jesan Sah real calls to show how I do it. The first 50 minutes or so is the actual call, then afterwards I do a recap of why I did what, and when. We are going to be sending the proposal out tomorrow, so we will document that process also. Let me know if you have any questions or get value from the approach.
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Uncle Jimmy Getting Into The Arena (Realtime Sales Call)
My plans
Hey guys, I just thought I would share this snippet from the free 1 on 1 call I did with @Rokas Jukna. It is a bit of a watch as it's raw and unedited but I really try to break down what im trying to achieve with service delivery kings and this group (PS: thanks @Rokas Jukna for the fantastic question)
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My plans
Service Delivery Kings Plus+ - Don't Miss Out On Early Adopter Spots
Hey Kings, The link to purchase Service Delivery Kind PLUS+ is Here (If the link works, there are spots left) I would hate to think you missed out because you sat on your hands if you are on the fence and like I told @Dany Batista Pais . "Im going to show you so much love, you can start 2 agencies haha" In all seriousness though, this is a rare opportunity to be able to shape and mold something into exactly what you need to help you. As you guys know I'm pretty flexible and open to ideas. My goal is to make every single one of you successful, however I have to do that. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, watch the video below or click this link to learn more
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Service Delivery Kings Plus+ - Don't Miss Out On Early Adopter Spots
Squares space X GHL
Hey guys. Attempting to add a domain to GHL however when I’m entering the CNAME DNS on square space, I am getting errors. Anybody else experience this or have solution? Thanks
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Future of Customer Interactions
I watched a video about an AI voice agent that sounds incredibly human! In the video, someone was calling a company and had a full conversation with an AI agent. He didn't even realize it wasn't a real person neither did I. Normally, you can tell, but this AI voice agent was different. It sounded more human than an actual human—no exaggeration. The only reason I could tell it was an AI was because I knew the video was trying to prove AI voice agents sounded real but it was so authentic that even I had a hard time believing it. It's insane, guys. We're truly in a golden time, and it's a golden opportunity. AI voice agents can be incredibly useful for businesses needing enhanced customer service, efficient call handling, 24/7 availability, personalized client interactions, and cost-effective operations. These agents can revolutionize industries such as customer support, sales, hospitality, healthcare, and more. You can either be grateful for a lifetime or regretful for a lifetime that you started. If you haven't started implementing AI into your business/agency, rethink. Comment below if you agree with this post!
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