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Net Promoter Score (NPS)
I'd welcome your feedback.. We ask clients after every job is completed to rate our service. We've done this for some time, but th response rate is quite low around 10% of those asked. The results are I hope reflective of the service we provide we have a NPS of 84%, with the majority of clients rating us as 9 or 10 (promoters), a smaller number of passives rating us 7-8 and just 1 rating us below 6 (detractors) (and this was a client who we had to sack). Despite the low response rate would you still broadcast the NPS score of 84%? And how would you suggest encouraging a higher response rate?
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Some of you know I’m in St. Lucia at the moment
It reminds me of the importance of brand. When you come to a place like this, there’s a certain expectation. You expect a beautiful place, lots of sunshine, a nice pool and so on and so forth so the question is just St Lucia provide what you expect in terms of the brand of the resort and the Island? And the answer for me is definitely yes. What can we learn from this? We can learn that whilst we may say we deliver: 1. Great customer service 2. We are professional in our approach 3. We deliver on time and in budget We need to be consistent with our brand promises.
OK so here is a link to all my RESULTS Mastery Live Talks
We are not getting over 7,000 views per day. Here is a link -
What is the biggest problem we all have?
I think that the problem is - people do not trust us. Take what I do. My claim is that by joining RESULTS Mastery I can help small businesses, coaches and consultants to make at least £50k to £100k in increased sales providing business owners take the agreed action. So why don't more businesses sign up? They clearly don't believe me. They have heard it all before! And the same is almost certainly true in your business. So your mission, should you wish to accept it is - IMPROVE THE BELIEVABILITY OF YOUR OFFERING?
Instructing a lawyer to sell your business
When you're considering hiring a lawyer to help you sell your business what is important to you?
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