PLEASE READ: Community Rules
In business, it's not uncommon to push boundaries and bend the rules to foster growth and expansion. However, within our RARE Agent community, we take a different approach.
We believe establishing and maintaining rules is essential for creating an environment promoting professional communication and collaboration. Our guidelines are not meant to be overly restrictive or stifling. Instead, they are designed to ensure all members feel respected, supported, and valued. By upholding these standards, we can build a more robust and diverse community where all voices are heard and ideas are exchanged constructively.
All members of the Real Estate Mastermind agree to follow these community rules:
1️⃣. Treat others with respect and courtesy: Always engage professionally and respectfully, regardless of differing opinions.
2️⃣. No hate speech or discriminatory language: Any form of racism, sexism, or discriminatory language will not be tolerated.
3️⃣ Constructive criticism only: Critique ideas, not individuals. Provide feedback that is helpful and relevant.
4️⃣ Stay on topic: Keep discussions focused on the purpose of the community and avoid irrelevant or off-topic posts.
5️⃣ Refrain from using this community as a platform to recruit or promote your products or services.
Thank you!
Dennis Jones
Founder of RARE Agents
Really Awesome Real Estate Agents
Dennis Jones
PLEASE READ: Community Rules
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