Real Estate Agent & Owner of Nexus Real Estate Group MA | NH | NY
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Joined Apr 19, 2023
Boston, Massachusetts
Certified Veteran Mortgage Advisor, Licensed Financial Educator, Certified CE Instructor for Real Estate Agents and First Time Home Buyer Coach
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Joined Jun 8, 2023
I help experts & course creators reveal untapped audiences 🎩🐰 & make empty seats disappear 🪄🪑💨 in their big ticket programs
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Joined Jun 7, 2023
Funding advocate who helps course creators, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors access the best possible funding options.
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Greater Chicago Area
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New Zealand
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Real Estate Broker. Interested in Sales and marketing for Real Estate.
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A former burned-out couch potato with a heart attack at 42 to a world champion triathlete, helping busy entrepreneurs become FIT AFTER 40!
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Co-Founder of
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San Diego
Web design and SEO
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Joined Apr 3, 2023
Helping First Time Home Buyer’s and Upsizing Families to their Dream Homes using my “CREATE WEALTH “Strategy.
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Joined Apr 8, 2023
I am blessed to be a part of this amazing community! I have been in the Real Estate world for 22+ Years. I Live in North Georgia and have 4 Kiddos.
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Joined May 3, 2023
ChangingVideo.AI: a virtual video production agency specializing in creating impactful, heart-centered video content attracting eyeballs to offers.
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Joined May 11, 2023
Flint MI
Building for the future.
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Steve’s primary focus is becoming a transformational leader for the residential real estate industry. A Disruptive Visionary.
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Worlds Number 1 Confidence Coach. Creator of The SIM System, Helping new coaches get 2-4 $3k clients a month in 90 days without stress, can I help U
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Margate, Kent, UK
Artist, Author, Grammy, … and so many other things! I also sell real estate (in Central Florida if you need me 😁) 🎨 💜 Online entrepreneur!
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USA - Florida
I am a 4th generation entrepreneur. I create companies and invest in many things, including real estate, stocks, options, crypto
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Residential & Commercial Realtor-Mentor I have a multi-state team and we can help in the USA and 24 countries.
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Atlanta Based
I am a real estate coach and real estate broker. I have been a real estate broker since 1976. I am very competitive and interested in sports.
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Canadian Immigration made simple.
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Vancouver, BC
Based in Diamond Bar (30 miles east of Downtown LA), California. I love rock music!
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Diamond Bar, CA
Business professional - Wealth management
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Real Estate agent since 2020
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New Yourk
Steve is a high-producing, award winning Realtor that covers the Twin Cities and surrounding communities.
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I've had failures and wins. The wins make it all worth it. We are an Architectural Design Company w/ building exp.
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Ogden, UT
Real Estate Agent in West Phoenix Arizona. Former Paralegal of 28 years.
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17 Year Veteran Certified Licensed Appraiser - Founder Appraisal Secrets Revealed. Involved in over $6Billion Dollars of Real Estate Transactions.
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REALTOR in El Paso, Tx
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