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My Winning Demo Framework
So after doing more demos than I can count… I came up with the PERFECT framework. Many people feel lost on a demo. They don’t know where to start. What feature to show first. I literally came up with a structure that was literally like a dance. And it doesn’t involve slides, white boards, etc. It literally feels so natural and organic. Best part is that it had an extremely high close rate. You can apply this strategy to ANY software or service. After last weeks class on getting demos. I figured the perfect follow up would be closing the demos. I’m going to do another small live class next week on Thursday. It’ll be just like the one we did this past Friday but the focus is on closing demos. If you enjoyed the last class. You will love this as well. In typical Ross fashion there will be no funnel lol. Just type #closedemos below and I’ll send a link to get in on the live class. We will cap it at 20 people this time because clearly many people wanted in on the last one.
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if you’re a new member… drop a message and let us know who you are and what you do :)
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Getting Started In This Community!
Hola to all our members. Welcome to this new community... We are moving away from the chaos of Discord and would like to give SKOOL a try. SKOOL will serve as our LMS and our community. First off, I know what you are thinking... "Oh God, now I need to track another platform?" No. You can! And we would love you to become an active member in this community. But in the meantime, you will get emailed notifications of my trades that I place. As new videos get posted they will be in the class room section in the menu of this group. You can comment, ask questions, etc. Plus we will be creating some cool monthly contest. To get started drop out a shout out below and let us know you are here.
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JV For Better Sleep And More Energy
JV For Better Sleep And More Energy One thing that robs people of sleep is worry, especially worry about money. They lay awake wondering, “Where am I going to get the money to pay my bills?” They go through scenario after scenario. Playing through plans in their head, and somehow never coming to an end, never finding peace. This is because they are trying to do things in their own strength, with their own wisdom and understanding of the situation. They don't know all the details of the situation. They don't know what the future holds. They have forgotten who holds the future. So, they lie awake playing a futile game of trying to come up with plans and control outcomes. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, then as an experiment, might I suggest that you try this instead: Thank God for His provision, then go look for someone to do a joint venture with. This gets you out of your own head and out there serving others. Plus, it gives you a vehicle that God can bless you through. Instead of focusing on what you don't have, you focus on what you can bring to the table, what you can give to the partnership and you open yourself up to receive from the partnership. You also get a chance to exercise your patience knowing that it may take a bit of time to get what you want. Meanwhile, you can rest in the knowledge that you have done what you can do, and that it is now up to God and your partners to do what they can do. It feels much, much better knowing that there are more entities working on your behalf. No longer is everything dependent on you and your skills and your efforts. With JVs you know that others have your back and will take care of you even as you take care of them. Sure, there can be some folks who let you down, some bad apples. But with more partners and more partnerships, these risks can be mitigated. You can incorporate the joint venture to both shield against loss as well as increase the currency options you have available. Stocks and bonds can be traded or sold, thus giving you more of what you want while lowering your cost.
👉How I Built a Top-Performing Sales Team from Scratch 💪🚀(you can too!)
I recently saw a few members ask about growing their sales team (setters, closers) and after chatting with @Tae Ashton I just put together an A-Z breakdown of the simple process we used to double our revenue by hiring the best salespeople (setters, closers) on the market who don’t burn through our leads. Comment the word “sales” and I’ll shoot you over a copy of the breakdown. Admin if it helps it might be useful as a free resource in the classroom?
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