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Hey everyone. Just wanted to share our wins so far for the day. Its only 6:30pm so hopefully there's more to come for the day. But yeah hopefully this post can fire some of ya'll up to keep grinding. Results aren't seen instantly but if you keep outworking everyone you will be rewarded馃挭馃憡 Dont be afraid to shoot me a DM if you have any questions 馃槃
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Win from 25th week an agency owner
25 weeks being an Agency owner. What a journey, from barely being able to sign a client on low ticket to now working with 7 high ticket clients. My biggest takeaway from my journey so far is how important being around the right people is. I realise now that every time in my life that I went the wrong way or became somebody that I never wanted to become is because I had surrounded myself with the wrong people. Proximity of the right people is so important and I guarantee once you start surrounding yourself with the right people you will find success.
We hit 40k in October. Here's what I learned...
Here's an overview video of some of the lessons I've been learning on our journey to 100k/month agency: After I made this video we crushed sales and hit a record month for us. One of the main things most people need to do is raise their price and charge higher ticket DFY services. Cash flow is life to your business. For most saas agencies starting out you won't have the volume so you need to make each sale make a big impact in your business. Ultimately, the Uphex DIY model is a great lead into DFY ads management+lead nurture services. If you aren't using Uphex... What the heck are you doing? lol even if only using it internally... It saves so much time launching ads!
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I've been a GHL user for a couple years now, but had no affiliate that I signed up under. So, today I reached out to support and requested to be put under Adam. I am working through the training that I do have access to now and will be getting more access to the other trainings soon. Let's go!!
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(3) 14 Day Trials today!
Closed 3 trials and 1 $997 so far today! All following my bros system. IT WORKS
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