Community Gathering Meeting June 13th....
During this week's community gathering meeting, we delved into the art of decluttering as a transformative practice. We explored how decluttering goes beyond simply getting rid of physical items and extends into releasing emotional baggage that we have been carrying πŸ„
Drawing parallels to the practice of microdosing, we acknowledged the opportunity to delve deeper into our emotions, shining a light on neglected core wounds for healing and transformation. As one member beautifully expressed, it's like dusting off those core wounds and allowing them to bask in the shining light 🌞
The profound words of Thich Nhat Hanh resonated with us, emphasizing the power of awareness in transformation. Like the sun, wherever we direct our awareness, we hold the ability to create profound shifts in our lives πŸ‘οΈ
On a personal note, I have been actively engaging in decluttering by discarding one item per day from my home over the past two weeks. This physical act serves as a reminder to evaluate what I can release from my conscience as well. It prompts me to reflect on emotional attachments and beliefs that no longer serve me, allowing space for growth and liberation πŸ‘οΈ
In our discussion, we dedicated attention to a thought-provoking quote that shed light on the connection between anxiety and compassion. We explored how anxiety can manifest as a disguised form of compassion, often catching us off guard πŸ‘οΈ
The quote by Andrew Boyd emphasized that compassion, while deeply meaningful, can also be challenging. Feeling connected to everything, we bear a sense of responsibility for the world and its challenges. We cannot turn away from suffering and must find the strength to carry the weight of the universe. It calls us to grow strong enough to love the world while maintaining an empty space within us to confront its worst horrors βš–οΈ
The meeting provided us with valuable insights into the power of decluttering, the practice of microdosing, and the delicate dance between anxiety and compassion πŸ™
Stay humble,
B πŸ¦…
Brian Chaplin
Community Gathering Meeting June 13th....
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