San Diego, CA
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Let grow together (simply the best)
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I'm in college earning a degree in psychology. Hoping to pursue a masters degree. I would love to one day be able to use psilocybin as a tool.
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I am a active facilitator and modern day medicine woman assisting people on their healing journey and self discovery process.
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Love learning about microdosing
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Business Consultant and Strategic Advisor.
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Tech Entrepreneur. Love coming up with new ideas and determined to find the true meaning and purpose of life.
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Pottery & pole dance light up my brain.
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I will come back to this
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PNW Native. Looking to take the next step.
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I help administrators wishing to get more done by working less through developing autonomous-leaning software application systems with them
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Redding, CA
Looking forward to getting to know everyone and connect...
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Living at the beach and helping people 💖
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Lover of science and life!
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New to this. Started with ketamine which saved my life from depression and anxiety. I've had ego death. Nervous but excited for this journey.
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Living a simple and honest life
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my name is jeff...i am from Williamsport Maryland U.S.A. BABY!!! ✌🤟✌🤟✌🤟
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Just trying to get ahead and have some peace so I can enjoy my nap
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George Lee
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Entrepreneur in mental health and psychedelic therapy
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Just me!
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Hi. I’m new on this journey.
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Just a girl from Nova Scotia, now living in the U.S., trying to get by another day.
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