A Better View Of Reality: The Ecology Of Microdosing 🍄
Greetings my fellow humans! I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th Of July holiday week. It got me thinking though-we are celebrating Independence Day-FREEDOM.....however, isn't this a bit arbitrary by nature since many of us are still ruled by our thoughts? If that is the case, how can one truly be FREE until we understand how to navigate them?
Join me for a presentation I am hosting tomorrow on this topic as I explore the realms of our thoughts and how to overcome them with microdosing 🍄
Registration Link:
  • The philosophy of microdosing as an alternative solution to transform your personal and professional life.
  • Learn how intentional practices of mindfulness and mental fitness combined with microdosing (M & Ms)  can help dissolve anxieties, renew purpose, and achieve mental clarity, meaning, and concentration for the things that matter.
  • Understand the Age of Anxiety and how we ALL contribute to it
  • Why I disagree with Michael Pollan’s “How To Change Your Mind” theory
  • Discover a sustainable practice that integrates medicine and mentorship to cultivate awareness and transform yourself with a customized 90-day journey toward a life free of worry and overthinking.
  • Learn the simple 4-step equation of a microdosing practice and how to tune in with the cycles of nature.
  • You will also learn how to do it safely, where to begin, and what to expect!
  • Why your anxiety “just is” and how microdosing is NOT, I repeat, NOT a magic pill or a panacea 
  • Some cool quotes
Admission is FREE (pun intended)
Join by registering on the link below
Hope to see you there,
B 🦅🍄👁️
Brian Chaplin
A Better View Of Reality: The Ecology Of Microdosing 🍄
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