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Chronic pain
I’m curious if there are others who are on this journey who live with chronic pain. If so I would love to connect.
Brian Chaplin
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Michelle Helfner
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@Brian Chaplin love the info and great analogies in this video! Super helpful. Thanks
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@December Stephens
California bills to allow psychedelics and cannabis cafes
An "eye-opening" article Under SB 58, authored by Senator Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, a limited set of naturally occurring psychedelics with high safety profiles including psilocybin/psilocin (mushrooms), Dimethyltryptamine ("DMT"), and mescaline (excluding peyote) would be decriminalized. SB 58 would also trigger a regulatory process to craft policy proposals for group therapeutic use of psychedelics, as compounds such as psilocybin have demonstrated potential use as effective therapies for hard-to-treat cases of addiction, depression, and end-of-life anxiety. Continue reading...........
Michelle Helfner
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Started Microdosing Minds Eye and Feeling Intensified Symptoms: Is This Part of the Journey?"
This is a common question that WE receive here at the start of someone's microdosing journey: I'm dealing with pain along with depression and anxiety (even exhaustion, more anxiousness etc). I've taken my first "X amount" of doses of Minds Eye, and I seem to be feeling even worse. Do any of you experience this? ❓ A REPLY: Hey there, fellow friends, Embarking on a journey with Minds Eye? It's a transformative experience, not a quick fix. Much like the complex tapestry of our universe, our minds weave intricate narratives. 👁️ Sometimes, starting a microdosing regimen might seem like stirring the waters, making them murkier before they clear. Remember, this isn't about instant gratification. 😵‍💫 Here is a more in-depth VIDEO based on this common inquiry: It's about diving deep, confronting the shadows, and emerging with more awareness than you had prior to the start of your practice. Like any profound journey, you might face challenging terrains before reaching the summit. 🍄 Stick with it, explore these new terrains of heightened awareness, and allow the transformative power of microdosing to offer new perspectives on old pains. The journey is just as crucial as the destination. ⛰️ Keep exploring. Keep evolving. 🦅 To your journey, B 👁️ For more information on Mind's Eye, head on over to our store where you can obtain your own products and workbooks for your journey. CLICK HERE >>>MIND'S EYE >>>CLICK HERE
Michelle Helfner
Brian Chaplin
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I’ll share my experience. When I started life my daily life was already pretty good. I started to have a better understanding to talk to acupuncture patients of mine that were Microdosing. My first few weeks were all carebears and rainbows - all of the energy and creativity I had forgotten about. THEN…when I was in a difficult situation with a family member I was surprised that in that situation I had greater anxiety, even some palpitations and very little control over my tears. I lost my poker face and couldn’t just smile and move on. I feel like the MD was helping/forcing me to be absolutely present and deal with the problem in real time. Unfortunately it wasn’t an “appropriate” time so I did have to sit with and fight some teary emotions to try to be “more normal” or act the way I would usually behave and put the emotions aside to deal with later (or more likley never). After truly enjoying my first few conflict free months of MD I was kind of shocked as not at all prepared for the deal with your emotions now experience I was having when an uncomfortable situation arose. A few days afterwards, still tender and sad I did start having clarity around the situation I had never had before, and a greater vocabulary to see it more clearly. With that my emotions regulated and I felt a greater understanding and an resolution that I didn’t have for years. Now, looking at the situation- it still sucks but I’m less reactive and more clear. Now, it’s easier for me to talk to my patients about that shift in being more presents I had been ignoring the situation and dismissing my own pain and discomfort for years. With the MD I had to deal with my emotions and make some changes. I’m infinitely happier for working through something I likely would have let keep upsetting me. I hope that helps someone. 💖
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@Brian Chaplin absolutely my pleasure. Glad it can help. I’ll also include this info (with the permission of my patients) A couple of people I support were not really prepared for their time macrodosing. They were hoping to just enjoy the feeling better part without doing the work. One realized she had too many things on her plate and wasn’t prepared to feel the feelings. She decided to stop, get on with the immediate things that she needed to deal with in her life and began to start carving out some self care practices. After things in her life settled a bit, she was able to microdosing with intention and make some lovely shifts. Another client, encouraged strongly to get into therapy before microdosing from a whole host of emotional issues struggled microdosing. She said “it took me to dark places” after about a week of struggling with the dark spaces she stopped microdosing and spent the next few months making life changes from those dark spaces. She started back up again a few months later and was able to get more of the pleasant effects she was originally looking for. It’s a great ally to make changes, see different perspectives and do some healing. It’s also very ok to go as slow as we need to get all of the parts of us integrated ❤️‍🩹
Some thoughts and things that have been inspiring....🍄
How about this percussive & jazzy psychedelic grooves playlist: From the book 📖 "The Philosopher and The Wolf"🐺: "In happiness 😄, pleasant and unpleasant aspects form an indissoluble whole. They can not be separated without everything falling apart” 🐺 Just a thought 💭: With microdosing 🍄, once you have enough anecdotes, you have data. When there is data, there is experience and where there is experience, collectively, there is innate wisdom to be shared.... Don’t let someone or something knock you off course before you reach your destination (then keep going). Trust the work within your microdosing journey. Trust your unique process that is very personal but also community-centric 👁️. A quote to remember while microdosing 🍄: "“Don’t let the weight of fear weigh down the joy of curiosity”-Peter Guber In this community, it is our intention to share from our 7 pillars of wisdom: 1.) Mindfulness 👁️ 2.) Food 🍲 3.) Music 🎶 4.) Community 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 5.) Collaboration 👊 6.) Recovery 🙏 7.) Nature 🌳 WE hope this develops and inspires meaningful conversation that is related to the topic of microdosing, or any of its benefits, anecdotes and breakthroughs. Remember, microdoing is not a magic pill or panacea, but a tool to be used in tandem with a variety of exercises to develop deeper levels of self-awareness. Have a great start to the week, everyone. In gratitude, B 🦅 PS-If there is further interest, we offer 15-minute meet-and-greet calls. Calendar link is in the bio on this page. PSS-Welcome to ALL the new members. We look forward to your participation.
Michelle Helfner
Larry Draper Jr
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Recommendations 🙏
Any fav videos i could point folks to that are curious/concerned about microdosing for recovery? Thanks 😊
Brian Chaplin
Michelle Helfner
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Thanks! Super helpful 💖
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