Together We Achieve - Thank you, Mike!
Big personal win alert! 馃専 Thanks to from Make Once Pro and from Monetized Life for connecting and I, because together we've turned one of my biggest bucket list dreams into reality. 'A Look Into Leadership' podcast went from concept to live in just 10 days! (Btw Eric is the go-to man for all things Podcast. He makes it simple.)
This journey has truly highlighted the power of collaboration from connecting with others within this group and doing what Mike says to do! Plus the incredible things that can happen when you have the right team around you. Working on this podcast as part of our Skool projects has been a remarkable experience. Just for clarity, in my Skool, you'll find me as Quinn, diving into the world of Faceless (& Nameless) Content Creation, leveraging the insights gained from Mike鈥檚 guidance.
If you want to listen to the first episode it is currently live on select platforms, and it will be available across all your favorite podcast platforms soon.
Jenna Ostrye
Together We Achieve - Thank you, Mike!
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