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Online Coaching Client Generation System
I discuss my goal of acquiring online coaching clients through YouTube and other platforms. I outline the WealthyCoach™ Blueprint, a comprehensive program to help individuals start, build, launch, and scale coaching programs to six and seven figures. I plan to use YouTube ads, organic content, and email marketing to achieve this goal. There's also a step-by-step breakdown of what I covered in the video 👇 🔵 Introduction - Welcome! I'm Mike Gowans, and I'm excited to introduce you to the system we'll be implementing to attract, convert, and deliver online coaching clients. - Our ultimate goal here at MAKEONCE PRO is to help you start, build, and scale your own successful online coaching business. 🔵 Content Strategy - We'll primarily focus on YouTube for our long-form content because it's a platform that aligns well with our audience and personal preferences. - To maximize our reach, we'll use Opus Clip to repurpose these long-form videos into short clips for platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube Shorts. - We'll kick things off by releasing new videos every Tuesday and Friday to establish a strong presence and foster engagement. 🔵 Program Details - Let me introduce you to the Wealthy Coach Blueprint program. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you start, build, launch, and scale your coaching business. - The core of the program is a 21-day journey that covers niche discovery, program layout, system setup, coaching techniques, marketing strategies, and scaling methods. 🔵 Marketing Strategy - We'll leverage a combination of YouTube ads and organic content as our primary marketing channels. - An integrated email list and automation system will ensure immediate and continuous follow-up with your prospects. - We'll create landing pages for both free and paid Skool communities to attract and convert leads effectively. 🔵 Lead Nurturing - Our free Skool community will serve as a nurturing ground where we educate and build trust with potential clients.
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Online Coaching Client Generation System
Do You Want To Sell A Digital Program Online?
If you are here because you want to sell a digital program then go into the comments and tell me what you want to sell and why. If you don't know what you want to sell, tell me so I can help you. If you haven't watched this free blueprint you should do that right away to figure out if you're cut out for selling an online program. GO WATCH IT HERE...IT IS FREE!! > I will personally help you and respond to the comments if you reply to this post. I can't help you if you don't[ communicate with me what's going on or the problems you're dealing with. See you in the comments, -Mike PS: You are honestly 9-steps away from going from NOT selling your advice to selling your advice online. I want to figure out where you're stuck so I can help you. Please go watch this and figure out where you are at so you can get started and make this next 12 months completely different then the last.
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Do You Want To Sell A Digital Program Online?
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@Susannah Leaming Engaging your community effectively can significantly enhance their experience and loyalty. Here’s a simple step-by-step plan to boost engagement in your community: 1) Understand Your Audience: - Conduct surveys to understand their interests and needs. - Segment them into groups based on common interests (use your Skool categories). 2) Create Valuable Content: - Share high-quality and actionable content regularly. (prompt chatGPT with this prompt: "What are the fears and desires of [insert your ideal customer here] and what are 10 posts based on these fears and desires that would cause my community members to engage with the community?" - *** make sure you insert your ideal customer where I had the [ ] brackets. 3) Foster Interaction: - Ask questions and create polls. - Start discussions on relevant topics. - Build Relationships: - Personally welcome new members. - Engage with comments and messages. 4) Incentivize Participation: - Offer rewards and recognition for active members. 5) Host Events: - Organize live Q&A sessions and workshops based on their fears and desires that you discovered from the prompt above. 6) Create Sub-Groups: - Form niche groups and appoint active members as leaders. (create an internal podcast for your Skool community where you interview up-and-coming leaders in your community to show them what happens when they engage and share. 7) Monitor and Adapt: - Track engagement with analytics. - Continuously gather feedback and adapt your strategies. Implementing these steps will help you create a more engaging and vibrant community. Let me know if you need any further assistance or specific strategies tailored to your community.'s work and that's why most people's communities aren't engaging. 99.99% of the time the reason things aren't working is because we're not working as hard as is required. Truth is a bitch but it does set us free 🤙
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@Susannah Leaming if you turn the community to paid everyone already in will be grandfathered in at free. They would have to go rejoin to become paid members. What do you want to say to them to move them from free to paid? What would say to explain why they need to start paying?
What type of content would you like to see more of in this community?
We want to make sure the content in this community is exactly what you need to succeed as an online coach. Help us understand your preferences better! Which type of content would you like to see more of? Select your preference from the options below and let us know why you chose it in the comments. Your input will directly shape the future content we create to support you on your coaching journey!
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What type of content would you like to see more of in this community?
High-Converting Skool Coaching System (Step-By-Step)
In this video, I guide you through the process of establishing a successful online coaching business, leveraging your expertise to generate substantial income. I showcase how to transition from traditional coaching to a more profitable online model, emphasizing the importance of content creation, audience conversion, and effective delivery. By following a structured approach, you can transform your knowledge into a lucrative online venture, offering valuable insights and services to a global audience. Here's a detailed outline of the video: 1. **Introduction to Online Coaching Business** - Purpose: To teach how to create an online coaching business by packaging knowledge and expertise. - Highlight the potential for financial freedom and flexibility by starting an online coaching business. 2. **Process Overview** - Utilize the SKOOL platform for online coaching. - Example of a community member achieving success following the process. 3. **Target Audience** - People interested in creating content online, engaging with a community, and coaching in a specific niche. - Not for everyone, but for those seeking to leverage expertise for income. 4. **Key Components of the Process** - Creation of video content to educate and engage potential clients. - Transition from free to paid memberships using a structured system. - Conversion of free members to paid members through a series of steps. 5. **Detailed Process Breakdown** - Initial hook to attract potential clients. - Transition from global marketplace to free community. - Free community engagement through workshops and educational content. - Gradual transition to paid membership with specialized offerings. - Automation of onboarding processes for new members. - Continuous engagement and education to build trust and convert to paid members. 6. **Scaling the Business** - Reinvestment of profits into content creation and marketing. - Creation of a self-sustaining flywheel effect for continuous growth. - Potential for time and location freedom by leveraging virtual coaching.
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High-Converting Skool Coaching System (Step-By-Step)
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@Mirsad Keric absolutely! Let's make it happen! What part of this process was most interesting to you?
Create Better Content. 4-Step ChatGPT Prompt.
If you want to get a much better result from ChatGPT then use this prompt to create your marketing content, coaching courses, or even how to respond to anyone you're trying to help. You can use this to come up with step-by-step guides to create your free offers so you can generate more leads. The future rich will know how to talk to A.I. so learn now before you're left behind. See you in the video.
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Create Better Content. 4-Step ChatGPT Prompt.
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