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Hey Coach! We need your input! 🌟
We're here to help you succeed; understanding your challenges is the first step. What's your biggest struggle with client acquisition and building your online presence right now? Let us know by voting below: Drop a comment if you have a different struggle! Your input helps us create content and resources tailored just for you. Let's make it happen, -Mike
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Hey Coach! We need your input! 🌟
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I’m having success with TikTok live which is awesome, but I would love to figure out another way in addition to that
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@Amanda Smith absolutely. I have been building my YT since day one, just a lot slower build than TT. This last week has been insane for TT live, maybe they heard me complaining and helped me out. 😂 we are at 574 members now.
From 0 to 300 Members in 9 Weeks
I'm absolutely stoked to share this win with you all! 🎉 In just 9 weeks, we grew our free community to 300 members! Here's how we did it, where we came from, and our big goals for July. I hope this inspires you to take action and celebrate every win, no matter how small. Highlights: - Started from zero on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok on April 27th. - Reached 2200 followers on TikTok, 120+ on YouTube, and 33 on Instagram. - Achieved the ability to go live on TikTok, which was a game-changer. - Hit 300 community members by June 29th, surpassing our initial goals. Goals for July: - Grow our community to 500+ members. - Explore monetization with one-time payment options and a paid community. Thanks for allowing me to share our journey so far, and I wish you massive success! 🚀✨
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From 0 to 300 Members in 9 Weeks
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@Pom Tutt thanks so much. Definitely not doing one over the other. I want to offer some OTP things in my free community like 1:1 coaching and also create a paid community for MRR. So I’m looking at any and all options
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@Whitney Day thx so much, just rolled over 500, the snowball is really starting to gain momentum. What kind of Skool are you starting??
Wait! What? 500 🤯
I can't believe it! Just watch, too excited to type...
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Wait!  What? 500 🤯
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@Heather Coffin thanks so much
Jordan - The Authorpreneur
Hey all, my name is jordan johns am an author, coach and entrepreneur. I am currently promoting my book Reimagine Productivity, available on amazon and tiktok shop. I offer coaching in productivity. I offer firms free sales and marketing strategy. feel free to be in touch.
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Poll: What is Your Biggest Challenge in Building Your Digital Coaching Business?
I want to tailor our content and support to serve you better. We'll bring on community members and outside experts in each of these respective areas to help you grow your digital coaching business, so please choose the one that pains you the most. If you are an expert in any of these areas, please note that in the comments so I can reach out to you and organize a time to get on a Zoom with you and present you to the community. * This is also a chance to get recognition, build your brand, and generate new sales. Please select the area where you face the most significant challenge:
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Poll: What is Your Biggest Challenge in Building Your Digital Coaching Business?
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@Mike Gowans 1. Grow Beyond TikTok: We want to expand our presence on other social media platforms. 2. Figure Out Ads: We need to understand which platforms to use for ads to grow rapidly. 3. Cultivate Our Free Community: We aim to provide immense value and ensure that when we flip the switch to monetize, it's a no-brainer for our members—they should be dying to join (well, not literally, because then how would they pay!). We are 100% invested in Skool; this is all I do. We sold our last business and are absolutely committed to making this work and creating a substantial business we absolutely love. Any tips or advice on achieving these goals would be greatly appreciated!
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