IPS and DGC Links are here! (for those that are part of Daily Pay)
Hey guys, thanks so much for your patience, here's the video to learn about how you can get your sales funnel all set up now. :)
First off, as you watch this video you will learn that if you choose to focus on building IPS (Infinity Processing Systems) products you will have to pay $400-$1500 for their sales funnel which is one reason why we are not focusing on IPS products anymore. DGC (Digital Growth Community) has everything that IPS has and so much more such as live classes, tech zooms, and an incredible support community in Skool. So you do not need to focus on IPS if you don't want to, just build on DGC.
With that being said, if you choose to build on IPS, here are the links:
IPS Links:
DGC Links:
(click on the link that corresponds with how much you previously paid to join the program so you can pay your $29 website fee to get access to the new products and the steps to build your new sales funnel):
  • Message me for the links please
Check out this page to learn about the new $900 program (but don't use these links, use the one above) - www.m2dailypay.com/salespage
Once you pay your website fee above, you will get into our new program portal and you will want to go to the "highest" program and scroll down to "Automate Your Online Business For Time Freedom"
Then watch and follow along with each video in that section.
Remember if you have any questions, use the search bar in the DGC Skool community or put your questions in this chat.
Let's go get it guys, the harvest is already here!!
Elise Smith
IPS and DGC Links are here! (for those that are part of Daily Pay)
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