DGC Funnel Set-Up Things to Watch Out For (for those in Daily Pay)
Hey guys, as you are setting up your sales funnel, there are a few things that weren't really covered in the videos in the DGC membership portal so we wanted to ensure you knew about them with this video, they include:
  • How to connect the domain you already added to Systeme.io
  • Error message when adding funnels
  • Issues with your video not playing (and the work around)
  • Error message when adding the email automation
  • Why there isn't a welcome email
  • Why your customers continue to get your email sequence
Here are the links to the videos you can use instead of using the upload option:
If you want to join us for the $900 program, simply pay $300 to upgrade here and it will take you to pay your $29 website fee after this: https://buy.stripe.com/eVa9AOeWgfl0568bIR
Also, if you want to pay someone to set up your funnel for only $100, feel free to book time with Juliet Alvarado who would be happy to do that for you: https://calendly.com/wizdigitalmedia
Just take it one step at a time, you got this!!
Elise Smith
DGC Funnel Set-Up Things to Watch Out For (for those in Daily Pay)
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