Lesson 334 Today I claim the gifts forgiveness gives.
1 I will not wait another day to find the treasures which my Father offers me. Illusions must be vain and dreams are gone, even while they are woven out of thoughts that rest on false perception. Let me not accept such meager gifts again today. God's Voice is offering the peace of God to all who hear and choose to follow Him. This is my choice today. And so I go to find the treasures God has given me.
2 I seek but the eternal. For Your Son can be content with nothing less than this. What then can be his solace but what You are offering to his bewildered mind and frightened heart, to give him certainty and bring him peace? Today I would behold my brother sinless. This Your Will for me, for thus will I behold my sinlessness.
What would you rather have be: the Peace of God or anything but? Sounds silly to ask, and believe this or not, this is the only question to be answered in every moment.
The Peace of God is always and all ways with You. That is in essence the Good News. No matter what the thinking mind wishes, this Ultimate Reality can only be denied for just so long. Where God does not, will not, intervene, due to The Love Held for You, He need not ntervene due to Ultimately the Love You have for You.
Even You are capable of Seeing another way and can tolerate this playful imagining for just so long. God knows Your wish and sets You free because He Knows You cannot but return to Thee.
As long as linear time and space are the measuring rod, the distance will feel too great to surpass. But again, more Good News, the journey is made in an instant! You do not cross eons of ills and sufferings with solely the longing in your heart to awaken. You Simply Be, committed to the Truth As You Are and poof! Tadah!! Funny yes?! While equally joyful.
Therefore have faith my Friend, You are not lost to this tiny thinking mind of insanity and have been left comfortless. In all areas of confusion, merely close your eyes, quiet your heart and reach out to the Peace beyond all understanding. See Thee here like a hand grasping out for you from the darkness. A lifeboat in a tossed and tumultuous sea. See the choice to See and See nothing else. Here Peace becomes your Soul commitment and Pure Awareness. Yes… yes You can. Breathe and let This Be. Love Is.
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