Help plz🙏 Re: ACIM danger warnings
I just watched Doreen Virtue give warning on the dangers of ACIM and it’s still triggering a lot of unresolved pain in me of feeling beat up and terrorized by the religious & made to doubt myself
and doubt my own inner guidance.
On the surface level I’ve always been a free spirit and followed my heart regardless if I’m feeling doubt or fear……so I have allowed fear & doubt to exist within me but just tried not to let it stop me (if that makes sense)
But on a deeper level…..It’s bringing up ALOT of pain and sadness and making me feel SO contracted & heavy because I just want to be completely FREE of doubt & fear and always feeling defeated like I just can’t be completely free 😞
I think I’m on track and start seeing a light at the end of the tunnel then bamm……I’m knocked back down again with alot of intrusive negative angry thoughts about God & frustration for still not being free from these doubts & fears that have me wavering, getting tossed around so much, controlled by religious programming 🥹
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