Highly Targeted Sniper Approach Advice
I'm planning a campaign to around 1,000 potential leads in a very targeted niche. I've previously done work for one business in this niche locally, so I have some relevant experience.
These 1,000 leads are spread across the US and Canada. I know the "spray and pray" approach won't work for such a targeted campaign. I need to be highly strategic and personalized.
My goal is to close around 3% of these leads this year through the cold emails and more (calls, LinkedIn?). What are your recommended strategies for a campaign like this? Some things I'm considering:
  • Extensive research on each prospect company/decision maker
  • Highly personalized email copy highlighting my relevant experience
  • Multiple follow-up sequences
  • Trying to get introductions/referrals where possible
  • A/B testing different subject lines, copy, etc.
Andrei Roncea
Highly Targeted Sniper Approach Advice
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