CTA's Are How You Actually Get Results
You have to lead someone in your email copy if you actually want them to hop on a call or try your service.
Too often too many people's copy is very vague and unclear and they wonder why they don't get results.
Saying "I have a 50 step guide on how to XYZ... thoughts?" literally means nothing to nobody. What are they supposed to say to that?
We've all heard lead a horse to water, but can't make them drink, but YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO LEAD THEM FIRST!
What are the next steps... if you have a lead magnet cool... don't say "thoughts?" say "would you like this guide?" It gives a clear answer... either yes or no.
Also have your CTA make sense, don't offer to take them out to lunch if you're in a completely different state.
If you make the CTA clear and make the CTA make sense to what you can ACTUALLY deliver on then you'll see a boost in results.
Bryce Milton
CTA's Are How You Actually Get Results
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