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Welcome to Listings with YouTube Ads! 👉 PLEASE COMPLETE THESE 3 STEPS NOW: It'll cover the next steps, how to use Skool and how to launch your first ads. STEP #1: Watch this welcome video below. STEP #2: Learn how to record your video ads here STEP #3: Learn what agents in Listing Accelerator are doing right now to get listings with YouTube Ads here ---------------------------- Need Help? Post your questions in the Skool community!
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Hello from Poland
I am really happy to join this community today, I am the owner of the smma agency from Poland where we help real estate agents with marketing. I started my journey into real estate marketing 3 months ago and I am looking forward to learn and share my thought with this community. I appreciate great contribution of mikael and this whole group members in expanding and sharing specialist knowledge. Thank you
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2 Weeks Left For Me To Buy You Brand New AirPods...
If you want to get the latest AirPods for free, then here's what you need to know... A month ago I announced that I was giving away a pair of AirPods on March 15th... 30 days has already passed and you only have 17 days left. This isn't a massive giveaway "lottery style" where you have more chance of getting hit by a lightning than to win... This is exclusively within my community, which to be frank, isn't that big. Only 8 people entered it so far. You have a 1/9 chance of getting them and it only take a minute to participate. If you already have AirPods, you could just give them to your spouse, kid or resell them and make a quick $250. Enter the giveaway here before it's too late:
🏠 - The Membership™ is now live! 🏠
If we could get you just ONE new listing each month, for ONLY $97/Mo... ​ Would you take that offer? ​ Don't worry about giving us any money just yet. ​ Let me ask you... How are you getting listings now? Well, our top method right now is YouTube Ads. ​ After working with 300+ realtors at, this is by far the best strategy to get listings CONSISTENTLY. And the top top guys like Ryan Serhant, Levi Lascak, Krista Mashore, they all run YouTube Ads. ​ So right now I want to give you the most incredible free gift ever. In fact, I want to give you three gifts. ​ Gift #1: I had a YouTube Ad that generated over $100,000 in 11 months for one of my client in a very competitive market. I'm going to give you that EXACT ad and a full breakdown of me explaining to you why we said what we said, when we said it and what I would do differently today. ​ You're not going to find this anywhere else because there's not many real estate agents that have done $100,000 in commissions with one single YouTube Ad. ​ Gift #2: Full breakdown on how to record your very first ad so it FITS your market, ideal client and your personality. ​ You'll learn How long it should be, where to record it, what to wear and more importantly, EXACTLY what to say. ​ Gift #3: "Ultimate Listings" strategy. ​ This is a step by step training that will show you exactly what to do right now to get a listing in the next 5 days without spending a ton of money on ads. So if you're stuck, watch that training and I promise you, you will know exactly how to get your next listing now. ​ If you want all these 3 gifts for free, here's my offer. ​ I want to give you these free gifts as a blatant bribe to join - The Membership. ​ The point of the event is simple. ​ You've had enough courses, you've had enough training, you now need execution. ​ Every single month we do a live call where we bring agents on and we help you get your next listing. ​ And everybody in the community follows along, watches and gets their next listing too.
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24H Before Launch [FINAL NOTICE]
If I could get you just 1 new listing per month for only $299/mo, would you take that offer? ​ A few months ago I discovered a new way of getting motivated sellers in a low-inventory and competitive market, even when "nobody seemed to want to sell". ​ The strategy is targeting sellers that "NEED" to sell instead of "WANT" to sell (think probates, divorces, relocations, etc.). ​ We're getting qualified “ready-to-list” sellers come to our real estate agents (even in February), without them losing to top producers or getting the "I'll wait for the market to be better" objection. ​ I’ve literally only shown it to a few of my private clients and they’ve gotten listings right away. ​ After working with 300+ realtors and doing real estate lead gen for 7+ years, this is by far the best strategy to get listings despite the low-inventory market. ​ We used to only show this strategy to our private Listing Accelerator clients who pay us a minimum of $6,000. ​ The good news? ​ After receiving hundreds of messages asking for it, I've now created a new program that anyone can afford revealing this exact strategy. ​ We're charging $299/mo for it and it's called - The Membership™. ​ As a founding member though, if you join in February, you get access to it for $97/mo, cancel anytime. ​ If you join later, it'll be $299/mo or you might not be able to join at all (as I might close enrollment if we scale too quick). ​ Plus we have a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy within 15-days. No questions asked. ​ So if you want to get at least an extra listing a month and what you've been doing isn't working, maybe it's time to try something new. ​ Because if you keep doing what you've been doing, you'll keep getting the same results. ​ Even if you’re in a competitive marketplace or you've never worked with divorce, probate or relocation leads, this will work for you. ​ This is going to be public tomorrow February 13th, and if you want to get your hands on it first, act now.
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YouTube Ads is the BEST way to get listings right now if you're a realtor. Learn how to leverage this platform to your advantage. For free.
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