🏠 GetListings.com - The Membership™ is now live! 🏠
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Let me ask you... How are you getting listings now? Well, our top method right now is YouTube Ads.
After working with 300+ realtors at getlistings.com, this is by far the best strategy to get listings CONSISTENTLY. And the top top guys like Ryan Serhant, Levi Lascak, Krista Mashore, they all run YouTube Ads.
So right now I want to give you the most incredible free gift ever. In fact, I want to give you three gifts.
Gift #1: I had a YouTube Ad that generated over $100,000 in 11 months for one of my client in a very competitive market. I'm going to give you that EXACT ad and a full breakdown of me explaining to you why we said what we said, when we said it and what I would do differently today.
You're not going to find this anywhere else because there's not many real estate agents that have done $100,000 in commissions with one single YouTube Ad.
Gift #2: Full breakdown on how to record your very first ad so it FITS your market, ideal client and your personality.
You'll learn How long it should be, where to record it, what to wear and more importantly, EXACTLY what to say.
Gift #3: "Ultimate Listings" strategy.
This is a step by step training that will show you exactly what to do right now to get a listing in the next 5 days without spending a ton of money on ads. So if you're stuck, watch that training and I promise you, you will know exactly how to get your next listing now.
If you want all these 3 gifts for free, here's my offer.
I want to give you these free gifts as a blatant bribe to join GetListings.com - The Membership.
The point of the event is simple.
You've had enough courses, you've had enough training, you now need execution.
Every single month we do a live call where we bring agents on and we help you get your next listing.
And everybody in the community follows along, watches and gets their next listing too.
Imagine if every month you could get on a call, where you not only learning a new way to get listings but you were held accountable to execute and do it right then and there.
And every call I hold you accountable to doing so.
You'll be generating and working leads LIVE with me + you'll get a recording of every single call we do in your Classroom area.
Plus you'll get a collection of short "straight to the point" actionable trainings designed to help you get listings now.
No more courses and overwhelm.
You'll get access to a thriving community of real estate agents just like you ready to help and support you grow your business.
If what you're doing isn't working maybe it's time for something new.
By joining now you can get in at the founder's price of $97/mo.
Click here to learn more and get your 3 free gifts now: https://www.getlistings.com/membership
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Mikaël Bérubé
🏠 GetListings.com - The Membership™ is now live! 🏠
YouTube Ads is the BEST way to get listings right now if you're a realtor. Learn how to leverage this platform to your advantage. For free.
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