How to increase your LinkedIn SSI

LinkedIn uses SSI (social selling index) as one of the indicators to match you with inbound leads from the LinkedIn Marketplace!

Your SSI score influences your content reach. If your SSI score is:

> 90, you'll get 30% more reach

75 to 90, you'll get 20% more reach

60 to 75, you'll get 10% more reach

45 to 60, you will have normal reach

< 45, you'll get20% LESS reach

Here's how you can increase your SSI today:

1. Adding media & visuals to your LinkedIn profile while using all

the sections wisely

2. Getting endorsements, recommendations, and publishing an article

3. Having a high acceptance rate on connection requests

4. Post and Engage Weekly (3x-5x a week)

First, click here to see what is your current SSI score.


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