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(Take 1 min to skim this entire welcome post or you may miss out on your exclusive live weekly trainings) In this community I specialize in helping active or aspiring land investors scale their current revenue by implementing my Land Investing Blueprint. This blueprint routinely helps my clients attract more off market land deals, build more authority in their markets, and generate monthly recurring income like clockwork (without using their own money.) I've grown my own Land Investing Business from $0 to $45,000/month in passive income in just 4 years... (starting from scratch with no real estate experience) And today - I routinely help aspiring real estate investors create passive income for themselves using my land investing blueprint. So to get the most out of this community & get your hands on my latest Land Investing training right away - follow these 3 quick steps below now: ✅ Step #1: WATCH MY 'LAND INVESTING BLUEPRINT' TRAINING I've put together a FREE course that covers my entire land investing strategy from start to finish. The videos in this training reveal everything I've learned after generating 7-figures with just ONE simple land investing strategy. All the lessons. All the mistakes. All the proven strategies. It's a no-fluff course that reveals the repeatable proven system I use to get dozens of off market deals every single week and convert them into cash flowing properties each month. You can access it here: 👉🏽 Land Investing Blueprint ⛰️ ✅ Step #2: DOWNLOAD THE SKOOL APP I’m constantly providing free training and market updates on this platform. If you don't want to miss opportunities to boost your income with land, make sure to download the Skool app to access this community and training with ease. You can download the app by clicking the links below. Get the iOS app here. Get the Android app here
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Sold my first lot
I completed the cycle on my first deal. It takes time but it is possible! Time to recoup some cash and do it all over again. The deal detail: Cost: $3,995 Sell price: $12,950 on term $350 for 37 months Time on market: 3 months
This Community Is About To Grow!
Hello everyone! Starting today there will be some changes to the format of this community. Here are a few of the expected changes: - The community name is changing from "Land Boss 2.0" to "Land Investing Blueprint" - The Zoom link will not be available on the calendar anymore. It will only be available new module named "Weekly Zoom Calls" - I will be rearranging the Land Boss modules. The Land Boss program will be available in one course instead of multiple courses in the classroom tab. - I will be uploading new courses that are available to the public. - There will be a new pinned post to welcome new members. I'm making these changes because as of today this community is no longer 100% private. I will be making certain parts of this community open to the public. With this community being public we will receive new members who will be able to provide more insight and create a larger network of land investors. The Land Boss inner circle will stay private and will only be available to those who invested in it. I'm excited to grow this community of land investors and see all the great deals we complete together!
New comment Jan 5
Eager to receive some letters back!
Hi guys, I just sent about 3,000 letters today for the first time 👀 I would love to hear your experience about some returned letter ready to close the deals?
New comment Dec '23
Here we go!!
Letters ordered! 😬🤞📬
New comment Nov '23
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