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Welcome to the Skill Membership! Start Here!!
Welcome to the Skill Member community! I've created an instructional video for all members to show you and remind you exactly how to approach this membership and our checklist training system. The video will walk you through how to approach the attached calendar. (If on mobile, please swipe for access to the Calendar Template) The Skill Membership is your chance to become part of the I'm Possible basketball training community like never before. We're dedicated to providing accelerated knowledge and resources, while also helping all members reach their basketball dreams, goals, and ambitions. This community means to provide members with services that directly address your needs whether you are a player, parent, trainer or coach. Enjoy!
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Download the RealSkill App
The RealSkill app is available on iOS and Android. Download IOS app Download Android app This is where you will access every single one of our checklist training systems. - RealSkill Essentials: New Skills, I'm Possible Essentials (Riplight Essentials, Ripstick Essentials, Rip Roller Essentials, RipCone Essentials), In-Season Essentials - DrillMat System - RealFootwork Checklist: 1 and 2 - All-Around RealSkill Checklist: 1 and 2 - RealShooter Checklist: Shooting Form Challenge, Shooting 1 and 2 - RealFinishing Checklist: 1 and 2 - RealHandles Checklist: Ball Handling Classics - RealMovement Checklist: RealMovement Essentials, RealMovement Classics - RealLive: 45 minute live workouts - I'm Possible Kids: For beginners - Certified Players: Access to entire checklist of demonstrations
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Developing Handles
Hello, for ball handling should I just focus on completing RealHandles Checklist or do the Ball Handling in the new skills section in the realskills essentials first?
Ball handling vs. extreme pressure
I’m curious if you have any effective ways of simulating , extreme ball pressure that often happens in game situations? My son is only in 3rd grade and is doing a fantastic job learning the skills and concepts in the app with the different training aids, but has struggled in games this Spring protecting the basketball. For some reason, the tournaments here allow full-court press in many 3rd grade games (which I don’t agree with). His improvement over the last 6 months is outstanding, but he is certainly struggling with aggressive defenders. How can I help him in practice with this issue?
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We just added some NEWSKILLS for you and created a new category. Fluidity & Flow. So what's new in the Real Skill App today? Fluidity and Flow: Release Push Cross to Consecutive Motion Steps Turn Pocket Drop to Consecutive Motion Steps Inside Hand Stutter Dribble to Dribble-Step Recovery Shooting: Turn Push to Floating Speed Stop Response Floating Speed Stop to Turn Push Response Finishing: Early Response Hang Time Manipulation Coming soon!!! An Injury Section within NewSkills for workouts to do when you're hurt.
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