🤨 “How do I get my friends to take good pictures of me?”
Wow. In just a couple days we have 1,000 members going through IG engineering. Let’s double it.
Why? Well - The most common question I get is written in the subject line of this email… “how do I get my friends to get better at taking pics of me?”
You’re learning all this stuff, but wouldn’t it be much easier if your homies understood all of this too?
Well - the answer to that question is now incredibly easy to act on, simply send them an invite to Instagram Engineering. All they really need to do is watch the last course video “80/20 Content Generation”.
You could say something like, “yo - think it would be worth going through this so we can both level up on ig. This guy Arlin made it - he’s the 🐐”
Spread the word,
- Arlin
Arlin Moore
🤨 “How do I get my friends to take good pictures of me?”
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