Recording: Psychology of Marketing - Action required!

Thanks for dropping by @Leonardo Gomes session today on marketing. We hope you enjoyed it.

Here's the recording for your reference.

CALL TO ACTION: Brainstorm a decoy effect for your offer and drop it in the comments below. We'll come up with these and help each other out.

If you have any questions on the decoy effect or marketing in general, drop them below and we'll continue the conversation.

Here are the talking points of the session:

1️⃣ Have you ever noticed how the introduction of a third option can drastically influence your decision-making? 🤔

2️⃣ Are you curious about the powerful strategies that successful companies like AMC, Starbucks, and "The Economist" have used to boost their sales by leveraging the psychology of marketing?

3️⃣ Do you want to unlock the secrets of consumer behavior, understand your prospects on a deeper level, and gain practical strategies to enhance your marketing efforts as a teacher entrepreneur? 🎯

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