Hello. My name is Paul Jacobs. I live in Okinawa, Japan. I work as a freelance consultant in the field of language learning. I specifically work as a researcher for an Institute here in Japan that provides research based ideas to the general public in the target language (Japanese). I also work teaching young children (preschool to primary school age children) English with a special emphasis on helping children with learning difficulties. I have been working in this field for about 11 years.

I joined this community because I want to grow my business specifically teaching children with specific learning difficulties, but I know I will hit a wall if I have to go to more schools myself. I want to find a way to help these children but not over book myself.

I am not completly sure what my goals should be for the next 30 days, but my first step was to join a community and actually get started on this journey so here I am.


Helping new teacher entrepreneurs get their business off the ground and create their first product. Build together and leave low paying jobs behind.

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