Hello :)

My name is Alexandre Melo, and I've joined this community due to my strong appreciation for its content. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the material, but I also had the pleasure of discovering LYE through the guidance of a renowned and kind teacher named Fernanda. Her implementation of this knowledge in her lessons greatly impressed me.

My aspirations are centred around growth and independence. Specifically, I'm eager to establish a presence on Instagram, attract more private students, and achieve a greater level of autonomy in my teaching journey. Simultaneously, I am diligently working towards obtaining my C2 proficiency certificate.

Over the next 30 days, my primary objective is to expand my student base while delivering meaningful and impactful learning experiences. I hold a genuine curiosity about various teaching approaches featured on this platform, such as the concept of teaching without traditional textbooks.

Thank you for your attention and assistance. I greatly value your guidance as I work towards achieving my goals.

Warm regards,

Alexandre Melo

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