A strategy to get 5 clients in 30 days
We recently polled our mailing list on the most difficult aspect of growing their teaching business. If you responded, thank you very much - your insights are invaluable as we continue to improve how we help you the best we can.
Over 40% of you said that finding clients is the most challenging aspect.
So and I did a session last week on how to get 5 clients in 30 days.
In the session, we outline a strategy to:
  1. Get to your target monthly revenue within 12 months
  2. A system to use to get there
  3. Get the momentum going by getting your first 5 clients within 30 days
The best part is you don't need social media to do it.
After you watch, do let us know in the comments if you found this helpful and what questions you have about implementing it.
We're happy to put together other trainings on aspects of growing your business quickly. Answer the poll question attached to this post to vote for what you need help with next and we'll put it together.
Finding clients
Creating a product/moving away from 1:1
A sustainable business model
Creating/choosing a niche
Other (tell us in the comments)
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Andrew Woodbury
A strategy to get 5 clients in 30 days
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