Dave Clark
Scripts for Paid Ads
Scripts for Paid Ads
Hi & ! Hope you guys aren't suffering a Hormozi hangover today 🤣
I'm a paid ads guy and want to start promoting DR and UpHex via video ads with me doing the talking.
Would you guys be willing to share a rough video script you would use for this please? All I can hear in my head is "sell the hole, not the drill"!
For DR I'm thinking of this kind of angle:
  • "Hey Landscapers, would you like to discover how you can generate 5 x sales or booked appointments on your calendar in the next 7 days?"
For DR I'm thinking of this kind of angle:
  • "If you're a Landscaper that's currently paying an agency to run your ads, would you like to see how you can do this in just 3 clicks and save a ton of money on agency fees every month?"
What do you guys think? Thanks 😎
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