New member here from Wisconsin
Hi all, I am Venkat. I have a 9-5 job but trying to get into the wonderful world of GHL and see how it can help me make some extra money on the side and hopefully replace my regular income to give me the freedom that many enjoy.
  • Where are you from? I am originally from India but currently live in Wisconsin, USA
  • What are you working on? I am just starting to watch videos and understand how GHL can help small businesses
  • What immediate help do you need? I feel there is a lot of things one can do with GHL and as a newbie I am overwhelmed. I basically signed up to GHL all by myself and paid 3 months and did not achieve anything so far because I am too confused. Lucky to find this group. I have to start taking baby steps again. I need help with automations and setting up DBR.
Venkat Maddala
New member here from Wisconsin
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