Hey DBR's new in AL
I have been using a GHL snapshot for 18 mos and crossed over ro native GHL about 3 months ago to press in a bit more on Upwork. I'm kind of a "button pusher" or techie, and just think Highlevel is an awesome platform to learn and build on, but it's eating my entertainment budget.
I've run some FB ads for a PI firm and worked with a few agencies on small setup projects and am building a local service Niche list that I hope to grow Nationally.
With the recent A2P registration deadline, I trained a chatbot to help with A2P registration Q&A and found it can generate some compliant openers for niches as well.
All this would be much cooler with a steady supply of clients, so thats why I'm here to learn DBR.
Gary Graham
Hey DBR's new in AL
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