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🔥 Event Keynote - Y’all want this? 🔥
GHL fam, been a busy few weeks! Just finished dropping the 🔥 at an event in Tampa. Flew in Thursday, spoke Friday AM, took the early flight home so I could be there for my sons bday when he woke up Sat morning.
Cuz like, I started this business to make more time for my family and do things like that. Word!
I’d love to record this live for y’all on a zoom, since I can’t release the video from this event because folks paid good💰 to be there.
I think it’s useful. The 150 folks in the room loved it. Folks messaged me after and got results before i even landed 🛬 . You know, all that jazz.
But i wanna give it to y’all for free! 🙌
So here’s the deal.
IF WE GET 100 shares of this link right here to join our little group you’re in, I’ll do it live and all 3,700 of y’all can come.
So all you gotta do is:
  1. post something on tha socials ya like about this group.
  2. use this link to so they know where to go to enjoy cool free shit.
  3. screenshot the post and comment below.
Once we get 100 of those I’ll schedule the live!
Oh, by the way the first ones to do this will get priority during the Q&A at the end of the Zoom.
You can ask me anything ya want as long as it’s not about smart things like science and stuff. Way above my pay grade!!!
Robb Bailey
🔥 Event Keynote - Y’all want this? 🔥
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